FASHION, FOOD & FUN/ What I got for my birthday (2017)

It was my birthday this week (21 June- same as Prince William, though not the same year) so I thought I’d share some of the things I was treated to. These are some of my favourite posts to watch and read so feel free to link me to any more you think I’d like to see!


Floral studded bag, Topshop /Flamingo key ring, River Island

I didn’t get the flamingo for my birthday (I actually got it as part of my Oxford street haul but forgot to include it) but it lookes cute with the bag so I kept it in the pic. I have the black version of this cross body bag already but this one is a great way to add a colour pop into my summer looks. 

Crochet cold shoulder top, River Island 

A ‘slight’ change of pace from my fave Bardot style (as recently expressed in this post). The material of this is super lightweight and crinkly so it’s going to be really nice for hot days (presuming the Great British weather grants us a few more!) and the crochet detail at the top will give simple outfits an extra bit of interest.

Flamingo t-shirt dress, PLT 

Don’t be surprised that this is creased – I took it straight out of the packaging, and as I’ve said before my ironing skills are hit and miss!

Even though this is a dress, my plan is to wear it as a sleep tee, so the Mr picked it up for me in a large size so it would be really comfortable. I’m really into flamingos at the moment so this is the perfect summer addition to my sleepwear sass collection.

Black mules, Dorothy Perkins 

I’ve wanted some mules for ages to be my go-to summer heel, they’re a good simple shape so suspect I’ll be wearing them most of the time I want to wear a heel. As you can probably tell, I’ve been wearing them already! On the subject of the heel, this is only about 2.5ins high so really easy to walk around in.

Black feather sliders, EGO 

I am loving me some feathers! You may have seen in my recent Big Weekend post that I have these sliders in a more tame furry style, howoever I saw Khloe Kardashian wearing a sassy feather pair and start dropping some MAJOR hints. I also have these in a rainbow colour by Solewish

Slogan tee, Threaders Boutique*

My friend runs this company and thought this would be the perfect gift, because on everybody’s birthday I send them a ‘Go shorty, it’s your birthday’ meme and thought I needed my own. Thanks boo! This style isn’t on the website yet, but there are lots of other personalised clothing and accessories that are perfect for summer trips and gigs.

Radley umbrella and passport cover

 I can look stylish come rain or shine with this cute combo! I like Radley but have never owned anything from the brand before, this print is right up my girly street and a bit different from the prints I’ve seen them do before.


Reiss lip and cheek tones 

I had no idea Reiss did beauty products or that my sister in law would think I’d like them, so props to her and my niece for picking these out! I don’t own  any other cream blush shades so this is going to be great for creating more dewy, summery makeup looks and experiment more with the coordinated cheeky/lip colour style. As there are 3 different shades this should carry right through to A/W really well.

Yorkshire Rose cake slice, Yorkshire Soap co.

This is the best type of cake because it’s not going to make me gain weight and smells lovely (you can’t see from the pic, but it’s also sparkly). 


Crisps and chocolate 

I’ve been obsessed with Popchips since my April faves post, so the Mr thought it would be funny (yet very thoughtful) to buy me my fave flavours, as well as a cheeky Toblerone…not at all convenient that he likes them too! Wonder if you can guess how much of this gift is left now…**

**virtually nothing. Well done if you got it right.

Belgian chocolate truffles, Marks & Spencer

 I don’t normally get choccies from my mum, these are perfect because they’re very rich so can’t really be eaten in one go (unlike the aforementioned crisps and choccy). They have a really nice soft, creamy texture.

Hebden Tea Glass infuser mugBlood Orange and Sencha, Chocolate & Rose loose leaf

 I’ve been really getting into different teas over the past few months (as you may have noticed from a few of my previous posts) so I was really pleased the girls at work got me some new flavours to try. And this mug is so cute, look at the little elephant on the lid!

I’m also finding teas really pret-tea (hehe) right now.

Mojito fizz, Marks & Spencer

It’s become a running theme for the past few years that my brother buys me a bottle of something from the M&S alcohol aisle, which is my favourite place to pick up a tipple. This sounds like pretty much my perfect summer drink so I can’t wait to try it.

Don’ts for Wives 

A joke gift from my nan! It used to be a running joke in my family that was a bit undomesticated and not very “wifey” (when I lived alone she would have bring my shopping, leave home cooked food in my fridge and often very kindly cleaned my house) so it’s her way of reminding me that I can take care of myself much better now I’m older.

This is a great gift for future brides (there’s a husband version so grooms don’t feel left out)

Ministry of Sound Throw Back Hip Hop I like all kinds of music, but most of the tracks on this album give me such fond memories – first years going out, my time working abroad, even the first songs I’d dance and sing to as a kid. If anyone needs me this summer, I’ll be driving around with my car windows down and volume up.

Cards Against Humanity

 I was introduced to this game last year and it’s right up my inappropriately-minded street. Im already chuckling about the prospect of playing this with my family!

There were also a couple of sentimental gifts, such as cards and mugs, as well as a little bit of money that I will be using for a post birthday haul that I’ll share soon.

Hope you enjoyed the post, thanks for reading as always.

Stay stylish,

J 😘xx

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