BEAUTY/ My current love affair with Garnier

I’ve been experimenting with a lot of different skincare products over the past few months – this year my skin hasn’t been the best so I’ve been trying out lots of different things to see what works and making sure my skin doesn’t get too used to anything and stop working.

I started out with one Garnier product and slowly introduced more as I felt and saw them working, so I thought I’d share what has been working for me.

Micellar cleansing gel wash

This product I mentioned a little while ago in my March favourites and it’s still one of ,y favourite beauty products of the year. It cleans makeup off really well and leaves your skin fresh and prepped night time.

Rose milk cleanser & Rose toner

I wanted this combo as soon as it was launched, purely because they sounded and looked pretty! They’re definitely more than that though – a great way to fully clean and purify the skins after taking off my makeup and smell really nice and soothing (as the name ‘soothing botanical’ might suggest I guess!). The toner in particular is a lot cheaper than some of the others I’ve tried and has worked just as well for me.

Anti-Blemish soap-free gel wash & 3 in 1 charcoal anti-blackhead

I’ve had a fair few breakouts this year so bought these two recently, buoyed by the success of the other products. The gel wash I’ve used for a few weeks has drastically reduced the spots that were popping up on my cheekbones and chin (though I still need to work on the leftover scarring) and lathers up really nicely so you almost have proof that it’s working. The charcoal scrub I’ve only used a couple of times and it is proving effective, but it’s a real bitch to get off your nose area as it got in my nose a little.

So all in all, Garnier has been a skin delight this year! There’s only one product I’m not quite sold on so far, which is the body bronzer I mentioned in my last post – it is a lovely natural colour but definitely has streaking potential if not worked into the skin well, and I discovered on the first test that it isn’t 100% non-transferable as claimed. I’ll probably test it a little more before I make up my mind fully.

Have you got any other good skin recommendations? Leave your tips in the comment box or get in touch on social media.

Stay stylish,

J 😘xx

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