LIFESTYLE/ Ways to get into sleepy mode

I sleep really badly. When people say they sleep like a baby and they mean well, I sleep like an actual baby – waking up regularly, wriggling around and getting upset with mysel that I can’t nod back off. We’re always being told by experts that we need to get ‘enough’ sleep to be able to function effectively, and about 90% of the time I don’t!

I’ve tried various things to get a more restful night’s sleep that have helped to improve this over the years, so I’m sharing the top 5 things I now use regularly that work for me.

1. A relaxing shower. Palmolive Milk and Honey shower gel

Having lived in homes and areas for the past decade that have had very low water pressure, iffy temperature control and dry old facilities, I have learnt that this step is definitely not to be underestimated! A lovely hot shower (as warm as you’re comfortable with) is physically very soothing on your skin and muscles, so adding in a product that has a relaxing and calming smell on your skin for the rest of the evening really helps me to wind down. I’ve used this Milk and Honey shower gel for years, it’s historically been the one I’ve taken on holiday with me for the precise reason that I find the smell relaxing. I now alternate between this and Imperial Leather Marshmallow – the scent is is very subtle and uplifting; it’s described on the bottle as ‘comforting’ which I most definitely agree with.

2. Sleepy body lotion, Lush

I’ve heard mixed reports in this since buying it; like any product it will work well for some people and not for others, however I’ve found I respond pretty well to this when used with other things on this list. I bought this without having heard about it’s cult following in summer last year – it was simply an impulse purchase because I adored the combination of the lavender and cocoa scents. I don’t have a set way in which I use this; sometimes I put it all over, other times I just use a little on my pulse points.

3. Comfortable clean PJs

Again, it may sound really obvious to suggest this, having great nightwear is as high priority as having any other kind of staple/go-to item in my opinion. What people find comfortable to wear in bed is vastly different and very much a personal choice but I would say the top things to consider across the board would be:

– Temperature. What sort of heating conditions are in the room you sleep in? If it’s a warm room or you have a really thick duvet, you may prefer to have lighter sleepwear. If you have a fan on/window open/ there’s no regular heating, you may something thicker is going to keep you toaster, and therefore asleep for longer. I personally like to have a mixture of items to suit all temperatures so have sleep t-shirts and full length PJs in my wardrobe.

– Fabric. What fabrics do you like the feel of and find nice to wear for long periods of time? I like jersey as it moves and washes well and feels soft against my skin which relaxes me more.

– Style. What features do you need to ensure your sleep isn’t interrupted? For me, if I’m wearing PJs I can’t stand it when the leg ride up in the night, so I usually opt for a more fitted style (e.g. Leggings) so that they stay put. I also like patterns that are a little more quirky and and fun, I’m partial to a slogan or print.

4. Pukka Night Time tea

Most people find having a cup of something warm a pretty relaxing thing anyway, but a herbal tea can really ramp up the effects of this. I’ve noticed quite a few launch over the past few months too so there are plenty of brands and blends to choose from to find the one that may suit you best. Anything containing camomile as a base ingredient is usually a winner I find. Little tip – have this at least an hour before you go to bed, you don’t want to be woken up needing to pee!

5. DVD

I struggle with complete silence a lot of the time and going to sleep is no exception. I like to have s little bit of background noise to drown out, I can’t explain it very well but it kind of helps me concentrate on going to sleep. If this is something you’re going to try, I’d recommend putting something on that you’ve watched hundreds of times before so that you don’t feel like you have to concentrate and can passively listen to. For me this is a comedy DVD – I’ve watched many of mine so often I know what’s coming up, and they’re about as long it takes for me to drift off so that hubby can switch it off without me complaining I’m still awake.

I hope that by sharing some of the things I use you will be able to have a good or better night’s sleep in future. It’s by no means a perfect science and there will still be times where nothing will work sadly, but these certainly improve the quality and/or quantity of evening rest I get.

Thanks for reading,

J xx

2 thoughts on “LIFESTYLE/ Ways to get into sleepy mode

  1. Comfy pyjamas and clean bed sheets always allow me to get a great nights sleep! Also, I occasionally listen to hypnotising videos on YouTube if I’m really struggling! Definitely not to everyone’s taste but it works for me! I really want to try the sleepy lotion but I’m worried that it feels really sticky and uncomfortable like when you try and sleep in fake tan! Is it like that? xx

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