FASHION/ What’s in my ASOS basket? (February 2018)

I’ve seen a couple of my fave YouTubers do this recently so thought I’d give it a go in a written post format – shout out in the comments what you think, good or bad!

This has definitely taught me that my style preferences are at very different ends of the spectrum right now – casual and sporty or super girly:

1. Adidas Originals three stripe long sleeve tee

This sucker keeps selling out before I can get my hands on it! I’ve gone in on Adidas in a big way over the past few months as it’s really comfy and can easily be worked into a casual daytime look, and I just think this is a really cute staple to have in your wardrobe to throw on for weekend chills.

2. Polka dot mini dress

I adore the 90s feels of this! I had so many strappy dresses like this back then, I was a total slave to Tammy Girl (I’m fairly sure most of you reading this will not remember this clothing brand) I’d definitely be wearing it in a more pinafore style and put a plain white tee underneath, and swap out the baker boy for a beret (I just bought a red one that would work perfectly) I’d keep the heeled boots, as I don’t think I’m cool enough to do a tougher flat ankle boot (saying that – I was nowhere cool enough to wear DMs in the 90s but I still gave it a go!)

3. Floral ruffle midi skirt

I’ve lusted after this one for a while, then I saw my girl Nicole wear it (and looked better than the ASOS model) and that made me pine more for it! I’ve hovered of the buy button with it for quite some time though; I think I’m worried about how I’d style it – I wouldn’t want to go down the same chunky jumper route as I think that would make my shape look worse, but I’m not sure something simple like a tee would be enough. Any thoughts on this are welcome!

4. Pull & Bear stripe side trousers

The main reason I was drawn to these was because of how they were styled online – the colour palette, sports- luxe vibe and mix of textures (I think I’d be safer wearing a sweatshirt than a chunky knit) are so easy yet cool. I’ve been thinking about investing in some Vans lately too but can’t quite justify them when I have perfect,y good other sneakers that’ll do the job just as well, fortunately I think my Converse would look awesome with this.

5. Adidas sliders

I’m so down for sliders, but most of mine are uber-girly and fluffy. These are a bit more practical for running around whilst still looking good, so these will be moved into my actual basket sooner rather later I think.

So that’s my current list! I’m sure you’ll be seeing whatever I end up getting on future posts (let me know if you think there’s anything I HAVE to buy)

Thank for reading,

J xx

One thought on “FASHION/ What’s in my ASOS basket? (February 2018)

  1. Rachel Samuel

    Check out Adidas sliders on their website. I got some last year and have worn them loads. You can personalise, choose colours etc. Love them!

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