FASHION, FOOD & FUN/ What I got and did for my Birthday (2018)

“You’ve got to grab 35 by the balls and say ‘hey, world, I’m 35!’” Samantha Jones, Sex and the City (2001)

I don’t quite have Samantha’s confidence in ageing, but I hope someday I will! For now I’d simply like to share the positivity of my latest birthday, which is the wonderful thought and gifts I was lucky enough to receive.

Usual disclaimer: I’m not trying to brag about anything, I enjoy reading these posts by others (so if you have one, link me to it in the comments) and my birthday wish list post has proved pretty popular so I thought enquiring minds would want to see if anything from the list appeared…spoiler: my mother-in-law bought me the pretty blue jumpsuit, but it had to go back before the day as my boobs wouldn’t fit to even the biggest size. WTF??

Additional disclaimer: many of the photos were taken on my Huawei phone in portrait mode and haven’t been filtered in any way.

Breakfast al fresco

As I was off work, I started my day by chilling on our very sunny patio with a brew and Pop Tarts. This has become a bit of a traditional birthday breakfast for me – one year I’d asked the Mr to get me some as a treat and it’s kind of stuck around ever since. The mug was a recent impulse buy from the New Look home rang – it gives me total Oliver Bonas vibes but was so much cheaper.

Self care and chill

I took myself off to my gym and had a lovely massage (using a voucher leftover from Christmas so it was super cheap) before heading upstairs for a dance fit class. A nice hot shower and blow dry later, I treated myself to a basic bitch lunch of avocado toast and egg.

Flowers and Baileys Strawberries and Cream

I like most kinds of flowers and adore having them in the house, these are Rainbow lilies which I’ve never heard of but their colour is equally as bright as it looks! They tone in very nicely with this Baileys bottle dontcha think? I’ve wanted to try this for ages so the Mr picked it up for me – first impressions are that it’s very similar to the other different flavours (i.e. You can definitely tell it’s Baileys) but I was excited to see cocktail recipes on the side which involve rum, so I’ll look forward to giving those a go.

Bags of beauty

My mum and nan came though this year! Like almost everybody else online I’ve coveted this Topshop straw bag for ages but it keeps going out of stock, so I’m super impressed that someone managed to snap one up for me! I went to a country wedding last week and this made the perfect accessory.

After a couple of initial tries I can already confirm that the Urban Decay Backtalk palette is going to be my everyday BFF, I really dig pink eye makeup for a neutral daytime look and it looks so cute with the blush and highlight to bring the whole look together.

But the new palette fun didn’t stop there; I’m now the proud wonder of the Urban Decay Beached palette! (Little aside: my mum bought me all the UD products but is currently on holiday in the U.S/Canada where she could’ve bought them cheaper, but she knew I’d be desperate to use them ASAP. That’s modern day motherly commitment! Haha.) The top half of the shades toned in perfectly with the outfit I wore to the same wedding last week and stayed put from 10am until after midnight. Can’t wait to dive into the blue shades next.

The final beauty product I got was the Urban Decay On the Run – Blur and Done which is lovely creamy texture that feels really light on the skin and literally melts in without leaving a strong colour. I need to try it out a lot more so I can figure out the best way to use it for me, but so far I’m digging it.


I expected this Boohoo tee to be a bit more of a relaxed fit, but on me it’s much more fitted even in my regular size so I may need to swap it out. I adore the colours f this and wanna put on a bright red lip and just strut down the street in it!

Choccy treats

it’s become a little tradition for the Mr to include some cute foodie items in my birthday gifts – last year it was Popchips (nom) this year it was these bad boys and a pink Kit Kat. I can categorically say these are my new fave choccie – they have more of the velvety malteser chocolate but with a lot less crunch, but there’s still enough to make it them interest but sooooo much easier to eat. Kit Kat is yummy and has a slight berry taste to it.

A much needed chuckle

To kick off my birthday celebrations the Mr picked up tickets for us to watch Tom Allen. We’ve seen him before as a wam up for Sarah Millican but this time we had a whole hour of just him and it was gloriously funny. There’s a lot of satirical middle class material, dry sarcastic wit and impressively lengthy monologues of observational humour which both of us laughed out loud to the whole way through. Brilliant gift.

Team Huawei

I’m so excited to have this new Huawei Mediapad!! I’ve really enjoyed having my phone, so I’m hoping this will be just as easy to use and take on the move with me.

The most sentimental gift

You’re probably looking at this and thinking ‘it’s a Mrs Potts figurine, what’s so sentimental about that? They’re everywhere RN.’ Not this one.

Shortly after the original Beauty and the Beast was released (which I went to see at the cinema aged 8, because I’m that old) I bought my nan this original, bone china figurines of Mrs Potts because she reminded me a bit of her and was voiced by Angela Lansbury who she used to watch on TV. 17 years on I still remember how special I found giving this to her and always said I’d love to have it when she’s sadly no longer here, however she thought the time was now and smuggled it in wrapped in a bottle bag to throw me off. I shed a little tear over the thoughtfulness.

Pizza and Cocktails

Ah, my eternal favourite treat meal combo! We headed out to Craft and Dough where we sipped Mojitos and tucked into a half metre long pizza and fries. They wee also playing some of my favourite throwback choons from the early 00s so it couldn’t have been more perfect.

I was also lucky enough to get some money in lieu of gifts, so I’ll be doing a post-birthday haul post which I’ve done for the last couple of years which always see, to go down as well, so make sure you come back to see what I picked up. ASOS and Harvey Nichols will be in there!

I already know I have a lot of challenges facing me in my 35th year, which I’ll explain more about soon I’m sure, but I can honestly say right now that I’m ready for them.

Thanks for reading,

J xx

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