LIFESTYLE / 5 Things for 2018: an update

We’re now more than halfway through the year, wowzers! Way back in January I set myself 5 goals for 2018 (read the original post here) so this post is an update of how those are going – what has been ticked off, what needs a little more work and what’s next…

Find a new home 🏡

DONE!!! This was the one I wanted to achieve so badly above everything else; you here the phrase “home isn’t a place, it’s a feeling” quite often but I can assure you from experience that having the actual place is much better for your sanity and mental health! Both the Mr and I are so happy where we are now and in the process of figuring out which bits of decor to tackle when we can afford it (see the next section for why we can’t at the moment) although most of the house is very wonderfully decorated to our taste anyway.

Smash my new job 💻

This one hasn’t quite gone to plan, and sadly I had to leave my job at the end of June. It turned out that the role wasn’t quite what I thought I was accepting when the recruitment agency offered to me (they were a little creative with the truth on quite a few things it transpired) which led to me not really enjoying it very much. When you’re travelling over 40 miles to work each day, you kind of want to enjoy what you’re doing. There was no bad blood in us parting ways but once again Ive found myself on the hunt for the next step in my career. So I definitely still stand a great chance of smashing my new job; just not the one I thought.

Get back to my happy weight ⚖️

Honestly, I’ve not been doing so well with this one. A combo of not planning things effectively enough and grabbing food on the go, along with falling out of the right mindset (which, for me, is THE most important thing when making any life change) which has led me to trying more caddy ways to kick start this process that I’ve previously avoided (such as the Insta-famous Boom Bod – find out what happened when I tried it out here). However, I’m finding that my unanticipated ‘garden leave’ has allowed me to get back in the game a little bit – which I’ll do a full blog post in when I’m back in work.

Have eyebrows on fleek 💉

At the start of the year I booked myself in for some microblading sessions, which I fully completed in May, and published a pretty in depth blog post about in June. Since then the shape of them is still looking really good and I don’t feel the need to put product through my brows very often (occasionally I will put just a little in the lower build areas as they didn’t take to the pigment) however I’ve noticed that hair is starting to grow back over the sparser areas which makes the results of the procedure look even more natural which I’m delighted about.

See more of the UK 🇬🇧

This one hasn’t happened to the extend I had hoped to in 2018, so far. I’d purposely held off on taking any UK trips until the second half of the year as I was expecting to get a discount travel card through my former employer, however that obviously won’t be happening now so we will be looking to enjoy more of the UK when I’m back working. I did manage to get to Manchester in February (which I wrote about in my 24 Hours in Manchester post) and Liverpool in March (I didn’t post about this trip as I did a 48 Hours in Liverpool last year, and a lot of stuff I did was pretty similar) so I’ve made a little bit of an inroad.

So, what else is new?

I’m going to Greece 🇬🇷

The Mr and I are off to Santorini soon and I’m sooooo frickin excited! Our first proper holiday together was to the Greek islands and we’ve wanted to go back ever since. I’m very much looking forward to eating lots of local food, seeing the black volcanic sands and taking some nice trips. Feel free to follow me on Instagram to nosey into the whole vacay.

I saw Rita Ora (again) 🎶

After seeing her perform at the 2017 Radio 1 Big Weekend I was given the opportunity to watch her from the VIP area of her free gig at Trafford Centre courtesy of Huawei to celebrate the launch of the P20 Lite (which I was also lucky enough to win).

I got another year older 😬

Ugh. I totally feel like I’m having a midlife crisis now! I’ve been particularly sensitive about ageing this year and have felt a little down about it, however my family and friends did everything to make sure I had a lovely day (I did a post on what I got and did for my birthday if you fancy a nosey) which I’m incredibly grateful for.

I’ve been going beauty ka-razy 💄

Considering I was never hugely interested in makeup and skincare, I’ve become some kind of obsessive monster for it this year! This is partly because my skin has been a bit unloved and I was looking for ways to fix this, so I picked up these products which really helped. With some money I got for my birthday I did a huge fashion and beauty haul that included a lot of Fenty Beauty bits which I’ve been using every day since. I also got a load of other skincare products to tackle other concerns I’ve been having, which I’ll be sharing in a post soon.

From this update it appears as if the year isn’t quite going how I planned it, but when does life ever? I know these are just little blips and that the things that aren’t going quite right at the moment will be fine soon, I just need to make sure I put in as much effort as possible can and keep the faith. I’ll keep,you posted on how I get on in another few months.

Thanks for reading,

J xx

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