BLOGMAS 2018 / Day 7 – munching through the GLUG festive menu at ATOM Brewing Co.

Food, glorious food…don’t care what I looks like…except yeah I kinda do, can’t be putting no messy meal on the ‘gram! Haha.

My work colleagues and I are in the midst of a super busy December, but we managed to fit in a meal with a couple of drinks on 30 November where we sampled the ATOM Brewing Co. GLUG festive menu.

We booked before the menu had been finalised so we also had starters as well, but as they’re not available on this menu I’ve left them off (I had a kind of bubble and squeak Pattie if your interested, serviced with a poached egg and the crispiest bacon I have ever seen in my life.

Main courses

I opted for Turkey Katsu curry with rice and Asian inspired salad, which is delicious as it looks.

The sauce came in a cute little mug on the side to pour over, everyone thought it was really amusing that I tried to scrape out every last little bit on to my plate. I just really like a decent amount of sauce with my curry!

There are also some delicious sides – Brussels sprouts (obvs) crispy roast potatoes, root veg and celeriac. They were also nom and very appropriate to the season. Possibly slightly less so to the curry, but the potatoes made for great dipping fodder in my sauce.

Also on the menu was ‘sheperdless’ pie – a veggie take on the classic winter dish. The one pictured was a smaller (but still very decently sized) version as a starter that I’m told was very filling and yummy.

The most popular dish ordered was this giant pigs in blankets interpretation – giant German sausage, wrapped in bacon and served with sweet potato fries.

The general verdict I got from this was a overall a bit ‘meh’ – nobody could quite explain why this was, and I didn’t try any, but I’m to,d the fries were delish.

Then came dessert.

This, my friends, is a half pint of Cointreau hot chocolate served with toasted marshmallows cream and chocolates. Immense. The Mr and I served chocolate and Cointreau parfait at our wedding reception, so I was already sold on this combo. I’m going to try and get the recipe for this and create it for a future post, so keep your eyes out for that.

Main courses are all priced at £11 (I’m not sure if all the sides come with them as we ordered from a slightly different set menu) and desserts are £5, which is pretty reasonable for the quality and time of year. I’d definitely give it a go if you’re looking for last minute plans for a small group or a date night.

See you tomorrow,

J xx

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