My 5 top tunes of 2019

It was Christmas Eve….

If you’re not imagining The Pogues lead singer drunkenly slurring these lines from Fairytale of New York, there’s definitely summat wrong!

Whilst I’m finishing up my final working day in the office for the year, take a look at some of my favourite tunes to bop around to in the car and make fellow drivers (sometimes passengers) cringe with embrassment for me…

Sucker – Jonas Brothers

Wasn’t a Jo Bro fan before, definitely am now! This song is so flippin’ catchy and makes me wanna hit Nick’s high notes and clap along to Joe’s Bridge. I’m a sucker for this.

Old Town Road – Lil Nas X and Billy Rae Cyrus

Such a chilled out yet boujee song “driving down Rodeo in my Mazarati sports car” anyone? Welcome back to the charts Mr Billy Rae Cyrus (though I still have a nostalgic soft spot for Achey Breaky Heart. Shhh.)

Bounce Back – Little Mix

Random fact, the singer of ‘Back to Life’ (the song sampled on this track by Soul II Soul) is Alexandra Burke’s late mother.

The lyrics make little or no sense throughout (who knew a dose of vitamin D would help you slide into your fave denims? Jesy Nelson, that’s who.) but the beat is hella catchy and I know the chorus cos it’s easy and I’m onld enough to remember it from the first time round.

Taste – Tyra

I feel like Tyga would be appalled that I’m a fan of his track, but it’s exactly my musical taste (taste… Crap joke alert, ha). I always try, and fail, to get Offset’s bit right!

7 Rings – Arianna Grande

I don’t know how the girl has managed to combine a modern R ‘n B beat with a 1960s tune originally sung by a nun, but she has and I’m here for it. I think one of my most used phrases this year has been “you like my hair? Gee thanks, just washed it”.

Honourable mentions to the following tracks:

– Break up with your girlfriend I’m bored, Arianna Grande

– Bad Guy, Billie Eillish

– Dance Monkey, Tones and I

– Beautiful People, Ed Sheeran

– Good as Hell, Lizzo

And that’s my year in music done!

Thanks for reading

J xx

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