BEAUTY/ Kiko Pump it Up mascara, Campus Idol collection


For the last few weeks I’ve been experimenting with this limited edition Kiko Cosmetics mascara that I was introduced to at the #HBMarchMeet along with a few other bits from their Campus Idol (see the event post here) as part of my ongoing ‘trying to get better with makeup’ quest. I think it’s actually starting to work now, yippee! Look out for some of the looks I try out in future posts or on social media.

I really like the packaging of this collection but, whereas the actual product design is clean and simple in line with the brand, I was a teeny bit disappointed that the cool varsity theme didn’t carry through to distinguish it as a limited edition.

The mascara itself is great colour and coverage, it’s as good as any of the other higher priced brands. At less than £6 it’s such a bargain! The shape of the brush is great for separating lashes, with the exception of the end few bristles at the end that kind of gather a clod of product which is a bit awkward to get rid of and get a bit messy. Despite this, it has now gone into permanent circulation in my makeup bag as my go-to.

Thanks for reading, I have some great Easter outfits lined up which I’ll be posting about next week so I hope you’ll be back to take a peek!

Stay Stylish,

J 😘xx


I sooo enjoy spending time with my blogger buddies! Last weekend I co-hosted another lovely, but much smaller, get together for the Hull Bloggers collective, made extra exciting because I got meet to meet quite a new faces! Here’s a snapshot of the day

  Place cards for every attendee (thanks to Ashton for the cute logo she created for us) to remember what we ordered and help with introductions to our newbie guests (who are all lovely!) they were accompanied by a random question to ask to get conversation flowing.
 WHAT am I even doing back there?!?!  Cheeky cheersSome of the delicious food that was on offer The contents of our gift bags – huge thank you to Kat for getting it all together. I’ve started to sample some of the items already (honestly, the popcorn was GONE within a couple of hours of getting home!) so keep a lookout for some of my fave in future posts.

Image credits: some are me, the rest are from the #HBMarchMeet hashtag (which you can check out on Instagram and Twitter)

I did really well taking pictures of everyone else arriving to tweet – what I failed to do was have someone take any pictures of ME…oops!

Thanks for reading, stay stylish
J 😘xx