BEAUTY/ Kiko Pump it Up mascara, Campus Idol collection


For the last few weeks I’ve been experimenting with this limited edition Kiko Cosmetics mascara that I was introduced to at the #HBMarchMeet along with a few other bits from their Campus Idol (see the event post here) as part of my ongoing ‘trying to get better with makeup’ quest. I think it’s actually starting to work now, yippee! Look out for some of the looks I try out in future posts or on social media.

I really like the packaging of this collection but, whereas the actual product design is clean and simple in line with the brand, I was a teeny bit disappointed that the cool varsity theme didn’t carry through to distinguish it as a limited edition.

The mascara itself is great colour and coverage, it’s as good as any of the other higher priced brands. At less than £6 it’s such a bargain! The shape of the brush is great for separating lashes, with the exception of the end few bristles at the end that kind of gather a clod of product which is a bit awkward to get rid of and get a bit messy. Despite this, it has now gone into permanent circulation in my makeup bag as my go-to.

Thanks for reading, I have some great Easter outfits lined up which I’ll be posting about next week so I hope you’ll be back to take a peek!

Stay Stylish,

J 😘xx

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