My Instagram best nine (2019)

It’s that time of year again – when an internet generator tells us all which nine pics had the most likes, we’re all a bit surprised by a couple and we have a nosey at everybody else’s. So here are mine!

1 University of Hull, August

I took this picture to go with my 8 Reasons to Choose Hull blog post in collaboration with the University, and to be honest i think it did well because they reposed it on their social media channels.

I have worked and studied on this campus and it’s just a lovely place to to be.

2 Mykonos Town, August

Well, I think it’s a given that this one was going to be popular wasn’t it! I made sure to capture a lot of images that were very un-Mykonos, as the stuff you see on Insta really is such a tiny part of the island (something I spoke about in my Things that surprised me about Mykonos blog post) but the at the end of the day it is gorgeous there and I’m easily influenced by wanting to take a nice pic!

3 Cottingham – East Yorkshire, June

I took these photos to post on my birthday and I’d just bought a year of birth sweatshirt from Rock on Ruby. I was totally living for the wild meadows all around the area, so one day a vey kind work colleague and I took a little lunch time outing to enjoy the flowers and snap some pics.

4 Lanzarote, April

I went off on my first family holiday in years to a villa in Lanzarote, and on this night the Mr and I sloped off for a cheeky date night. The dress and hat are from Matalan than he had very kindly picked up for on the day we went away (I tried them on in the airport hotel) and they fit like a dream, unfortunately I only managed two wears of the dress before the zip ripped (just as I was about to wear it for a third time and on the way out the door) so that was he end of that.

5 Hull, May

You can tell here, but despite the fact it was spring it was ridiculously freezing! However, it was Bank Holiday and I was determined that I couldn’t have to wear tights so smiled through the chill and hoped my legs wouldn’t look too blue.

6 Lanzarote, April

I tired my hand at a getting a bit of body confidence back and decided a good way to do this would be to post a couple of swimwear pics and see that nobody was going to write anything horrendous in the comments. This was the second of the two I posted (I lived this Next swimsuit so much I bought it in cobalt blue for my Mykonos trip) on a day I felt very happy about Bank Holiday weekend and booking a holiday.

7 Liverpool, June

I headed to my fave UK city for my birthday for a day of chill at a time when my life was very hectic for some not so good reasons. I had cocktails, did some shopping and ate all the food, which definitely helped to give a bit of respite.

8 Mykonos Town, August

This photo was taken at exactly the same time as the other Mykonos photo, it was literally the other side of the camera. You can also see from this angle that I’m just a little bit sunburnt, which is why I was wearing an off the shoulder frock.

9 University of Hull, August

Rounding things off exactly where we started, back at uni with a very unposed shot! This was a very really laugh and it was because my gal Kat was crouched on the floor in front of me saying all sorts of random stuff whilst her cleavage was pretty much in my face. That was a fun outing.

And that, my friends, is some of my year in pics. It definitely doesn’t cover a full spread of my year but it does remind me of some of the best bits. I hope you enjoy looking through yours too.

Thanks for reading,

J xx

FASHION / Weekly fashion faves, 2

Another week of people slaying that fashion game! Here are the looks I’ve been crushing on this week:

Amber Davis

Dress, PLT / Boots, PLT / Jacket, PLT

Amber’s outfit strikes a really nice balance between on trend, cool and demure but with a very seasonal palette. All of the pieces are made of really comfy material but look really nice and put together. So easy and so fab.

Frankie Bridge and Mollie King

Frankie: Shirt, similar here / Jeans, similar here.

Mollie: Top, Rixo / Jeans, similar here.

I really like these Frollie looks as they represent both sides of my jeans-wearing style – double denim, slightly more dressed down and a bit more glammed up day to night. I love a good washed black, I love leopard and I love coated jeans – they’re staples for every wardrobe that can work for so many occasions.

Lily Melrose

(Image: @whatlilywears)

Jacket, Topshop / Top, ASOS / Jeans, River Island / Sunglasses, Quay / Hat, ASOS

To be honest, I probably could’ve done a whole post this week just on Lily’s outfits, there have been some corkers on both of her Instagram feeds this week. This girl will skint me before the year is out! I adore the print clash on this one so much, wondering if I could be grave enough to pull off double animal print in the future?

Abbie Holborn

Suit, Miss G Couture / Lace bodysuit, similar here / Belt, Gucci

This outfit is giving me all kinds of fierce power dressing vibes – very powerful and classy yet very sexy. I would love to grave enough for this one day.


(Image: @beyonce)

Coat, similar here / Suit, similar blazer and trousers here.

From sexy suit to straight up fierce, yasss Bey! I’m not sure where she was going but I guarantee she turned heads in this outfit when she got there. If you like the coat then you’ll love the one I’ve linked, it’s a near perfect match courtesy of the great British high street. You’re welcome.

Thanks for reading,

J xx

Say Whaaaaat…??/ Things my blogging self worries about

I’m one of life’s worriers, so for me it’s completely expected that I would worry about a part of my life that I’m really passionate about!

Sale items

Firstly, I’m not into high street sales because fighting with a lot of other women for one item (a la Becky Bloomwood in the Shopaholic series) does NOT sound like fun to me, online I’m a little warmer to. However these days I try not to buy things in the sale because I may not be able to link to them in any future blog posts I do. If I don’t feel like wearing it immediately, I may lose the chance to share it ‘properly’.


New clothes

Fairly similar to the above- I worry about not posting enough outfits featuring fairly new clothes, because it somehow makes me feel less relevant as someone who primarily likes to blog about fashion 




 NOT being able to shop??

This is a weird one! But it’s that age old problem we all have: when you have money to burn there’s nothing you want, yet when you’re feeling a bit poor that’s when all the sassy-ass garms hit! This seems to be happening more often than not lately, hence why my #ootd posts have been a lil’ thin on the ground

Not not having enough outfits to shoot because I just have the same 5 items in EVERY colour

This will not come as a surprise to anyone who has kept up with my fashion posts for a prolonged period! If I like a style of item, it somehow ends up in my wardrobe in at least 2 colours, in some cases up to 4! I do think the colour of a piece can help to dictate the way I style something for sure, but I do sometimes worry that anyone reading my posts may think “this, again?!?!”

  Shame  in my Insta-game

When I think about it, this is probably an anxiety that a lot of girls have in today’s society- making their page look fabulous, glamour ours and aspirational to anybody who happens across it….and that’s a whole other issue- I want a lot more people to happen across mine!! I’m open that I’m not the best out there at doing pics, but I enjoy trying to make them look interesting and reflect what’s happening in my life (with a teeny bit of sheen over the top). My main problem is that what usually seems to be happening is that I’m eating out!!

Stay Stylish,

J 😘xx