Say Whaaaaat…??/ Things my blogging self worries about

I’m one of life’s worriers, so for me it’s completely expected that I would worry about a part of my life that I’m really passionate about!

Sale items

Firstly, I’m not into high street sales because fighting with a lot of other women for one item (a la Becky Bloomwood in the Shopaholic series) does NOT sound like fun to me, online I’m a little warmer to. However these days I try not to buy things in the sale because I may not be able to link to them in any future blog posts I do. If I don’t feel like wearing it immediately, I may lose the chance to share it ‘properly’.


New clothes

Fairly similar to the above- I worry about not posting enough outfits featuring fairly new clothes, because it somehow makes me feel less relevant as someone who primarily likes to blog about fashion 




 NOT being able to shop??

This is a weird one! But it’s that age old problem we all have: when you have money to burn there’s nothing you want, yet when you’re feeling a bit poor that’s when all the sassy-ass garms hit! This seems to be happening more often than not lately, hence why my #ootd posts have been a lil’ thin on the ground

Not not having enough outfits to shoot because I just have the same 5 items in EVERY colour

This will not come as a surprise to anyone who has kept up with my fashion posts for a prolonged period! If I like a style of item, it somehow ends up in my wardrobe in at least 2 colours, in some cases up to 4! I do think the colour of a piece can help to dictate the way I style something for sure, but I do sometimes worry that anyone reading my posts may think “this, again?!?!”

  Shame  in my Insta-game

When I think about it, this is probably an anxiety that a lot of girls have in today’s society- making their page look fabulous, glamour ours and aspirational to anybody who happens across it….and that’s a whole other issue- I want a lot more people to happen across mine!! I’m open that I’m not the best out there at doing pics, but I enjoy trying to make them look interesting and reflect what’s happening in my life (with a teeny bit of sheen over the top). My main problem is that what usually seems to be happening is that I’m eating out!!

Stay Stylish,

J 😘xx

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