LIFESTYLE/ Coffee fit for a diva


I’ve always liked coffee from being little- I have really find memories of having ‘elevenses’ at my Nana’s house during the school holidays where I’d have biscuits and a super milky weak coffee. 

However it’s only been in the last year that I fully understand the true power of coffee, and how a really great brand can really help improve my mood. Weirdly though, if I’m tired then coffee can also chill me out to go to sleep! Does that happen to anyone else? I’ve been trying to track down this particular flavour for soooooooo long and it’s totally been worth the wait, but I’d like to issue a public plea to Douwe Egberts here and now: please stock in it Hull!!!

It goes perfectly in my new diva mug dontcha think? This is a one off cup (not created especially for me) by a fab company I’m connected with through work that design promotional items fo business – I picked up some fab bits from their latest event that I’ll hopefully be sharing on social media soon.

(This is the February edition of LOCO that I wrote a Valentine’s Day/girly gift guide for this month if you fancy a cheeky read, their new website design looks amazing!)

   Travel cup The Promotion Company*/ Coffee Douwe Egberts enticing chocolate
Any other recommendations for coffee welcome, tweet me or leave a comment below 

Stay Stylish,

J 😘xx

LIFESTYLE/ Slogan mugs to sum up life 


I do enjoy a good slogan – think I may have mentioned that once or twice before! Haha. I was therefore VERY excited when Rock on Ruby brought out their new mugs. This is the one I went for, along with my ‘Current Mood’ tee (as featured in a previous post here) I think I’m pretty summed up!
Mug Rock on Ruby/ Magazine LOCO (featuring my latest article ‘The Stylish Traveller’)

I’ve been a bit rubbish with posting for the last couple of weeks; partly due to not feeling well, partly due to life kicking my ass a teeny bit…I resolve to do better in February! 

Stay Stylish, 

J 😘xx


Greetings on #Halloween – I don’t normally do these sorts of posts but I thought I’d  give it a try since it’s been a busy month!

Brucie’s first birthday   My stunningingly beautiful nephew (Bruce isn’t his real name, that’s just his nickname from when my sister in law was pregnant) turned 1 and was a very spoilt little man. Of course, the funky-ass shirt at the front of the pic is from me! I’m very excited that I’ll be getting a baby niece over the festive period too, pink and frilly things ahoy!

Buying new clothesI’ve been doing a LOT of shopping to get new stuff for A/W  as well as for my new job- combining my style with a more professional atmosphere has been interesting but I think I’m getting there! This was just a cheeky pick took on my walk to work in a risky double mustard combo – 1 of my fave colours for the season so I thought why not?!? 

Hair-education  I spent some time with Rick Roberts learning about new ways to style my hair and give it more oomph – you can read a little more about that in my #TOTALHAIRCONFIDENCE post

Eating out Also another thing that’s happened a lot this month, possibly a little too much dare I say…Mr Alice and I have started a new Friday evening ritual – go straight out for dinner after work to wind down from the week and get the weekend started right, there may be a cheeky glass of red involved too! Our favourite place this month has been Sleepers which does mainly European inspired dishes…lots of yummy choices for me then!

 Trying dungarees  I bought these beauties as a fashion experiment and am now OBSESSED; I got so many lovely compliments wearing them…look out for them in their own post soon!
Finding cut lil’ home touches   I’ve been in my house for 5yrs and it’s STILL nowhere near being finished…but it’s a little more homely now thanks to some cute touches! These wooden letters by  Matalan are to hang in my bedroom. The Bath & Body Works candle is another souvenir from #Vegas 

Planning new adventures   Mama Alice and I are planning a ‘girls on tour’ getaway for 2016 to Marbella baby! This is Jenny, her BFF (we used to be Big Jen and Little Jen when I was younger) who’s joining us with her eldest daughter, and this is the only pic I can share from our night of planning…we’re all a bit crazy when we get together, watch out Marbs!

Writing for Loco
Following in my girl Alex who wrote her trend report in the previous issue of Loco Magazine I wrote a piece for the Health & Wellbeing issue featuring some of my favourite brands – including Cocoa Brown and Rock on Ruby. You can read the full issue here.

Thanks for reading, and enjoy your weekend!

Stay Stylish

J 😘xx