LIFESTYLE/ Coffee fit for a diva


I’ve always liked coffee from being little- I have really find memories of having ‘elevenses’ at my Nana’s house during the school holidays where I’d have biscuits and a super milky weak coffee. 

However it’s only been in the last year that I fully understand the true power of coffee, and how a really great brand can really help improve my mood. Weirdly though, if I’m tired then coffee can also chill me out to go to sleep! Does that happen to anyone else? I’ve been trying to track down this particular flavour for soooooooo long and it’s totally been worth the wait, but I’d like to issue a public plea to Douwe Egberts here and now: please stock in it Hull!!!

It goes perfectly in my new diva mug dontcha think? This is a one off cup (not created especially for me) by a fab company I’m connected with through work that design promotional items fo business – I picked up some fab bits from their latest event that I’ll hopefully be sharing on social media soon.

(This is the February edition of LOCO that I wrote a Valentine’s Day/girly gift guide for this month if you fancy a cheeky read, their new website design looks amazing!)

   Travel cup The Promotion Company*/ Coffee Douwe Egberts enticing chocolate
Any other recommendations for coffee welcome, tweet me or leave a comment below 

Stay Stylish,

J 😘xx

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