BLOGMAS day 23: Social media made me buy it

Earlier this year I did a YouTube made me buy it post so I thought I’d do an updated version of other things I’ve been influenced into buying, but this time broaden the scope to include all social media. Here’s what I thought of the last six purchases I made this way:

Instagram ads made me buy… Morphe x Jaclyn Hill palette

I’d never tried anything by Morphe before but I have tried a Jaclyn Hill collab which is why this palette made my heart soar with joy when it was released. Sadly, it dipped pretty quickly after that. I was drawn in by the range of colours and awesome reviews of other Morphe palettes, but when I started using this one it felt a bit ‘meh’ – the colours weren’t quite as show stopping on as they look in the pan for me.
YouTube made me buy… Ouai dry shampoo foam

I’ve tried other Ouai products before and wasn’t that impressed, so I’m not sure why I decided to give this one a go, judging by other online reviews a lot of people aren’t too impressed with this one. However I’m not able to judge either way as didn’t even get to try it – on the first use the nozzle broke and every single bit of product splattered all over my bathroom, I mean EVERYWHERE. What a waste of 20-something quid!

Fleur de Force made me buy… Lauren Mercier translucent setting powder

My makeup often slides during the day so I thought this seemed worth a go (a slightly expensive go, but a go nonetheless) and I’m pleased to say this product was a winner! It sets my base in place really well, I’ve even napped before and my face has remained in-tact, though that’s probably the combo of this and Urban Decay setting spray. I heard about a hack on YouTube where you apply the powder before and after your base to get a more flawless and long lasting finish, so I do tend to apply it this way when I know I need my make up to have extra staying power.

Lily Melrose made me buy… Urban Decay Naked ultimate basics

I nabbed this in Sephora over the summer and based on my other Naked experiences it seemed like a no-brainier. A lot of people seem to really love this, but the pigmentation just doesn’t seem to be as good as the others when I’ve used it. Maybe I got one from a dud batch? Bit annoying for $54! That said I do get on pretty well with the bitter/milk-chocolatey brown colour at the front, it’s kind of unusual but works as an easy daytime shade.

Lydia and Lucy made me buy… Urban Decay Eye primer potion

Another Sephora purchase made over the summer, and this has been great for keeping my shadow in place and crease-free. I mentioned this in my blogmas day 11 post so I won’t say anymore than that.

Fleur de Force (also) made me buy… Too Faced Hangover primer

You guessed it – another summer purchase from Sephora, I spent about $300 in 2 days whilst in NYC, which bought me quite a bit! I pick this up in a smaller size to try out first and it’s definitely a product I plan to re-purchase in the New Year. It’s has a lovely smell and feels very hydrating, more like a moisturiser really.

If you’ve tried any of these or any from the previous post I linked to let me know what you thought of them!

Thanks for reading,

J xx

FASHION & BEAUTY/ YouTube made me buy it…

I’ve enjoyed watching a few of these videos lately, so I thought I’d jump on the tag and share my own social media- influenced purchases. There’s probably a lot more than I’ll chat about here! I’m nosey so really like seeing what other people have liked using and enjoy trying new things.

Disclaimer: all of the products are well used  and look it. Take that as a sign they have been well tested rather than thinking I’m a bit trampy please!

Lazy Oaf bow tie long sleeve t-shirtEditLily Melrose was responsible for this one – I kept seeing it on her channel and in the end had to have it!

It’s definitely more of a jumper as it’s quite thick, I’d also recommend doing your hair after putting it on as the neck is pretty tight fitting. It’s quite oversized, so I’m still working out the best way to style it so I do feel too dumpy, but I really like how cute it is.

Pixi glow tonic

I saw this on Lucy and Lydia Connell’s channel. They raved about it really getting tough-sticking make up off (something I struggle with, hellooo panda eyes) and I’ve enjoyed using other glycolic acid products so thought it was worth a try.

It’s fine, I do like it, but I don’t rate it more highly than any other toner or acid product  I’ve tried. Sadly, I haven’t found it nudges my stubborn make up any more than any other either. For the price I will continue he to use this as part of my skincare routine but will probably look at others for next time round.

COLAB dry shampoo

This is another Lily Melrose inspired purchase, and one I’m pretty happy with. For years I’ve been a die- hard Batiste fan but this one promised to have less of the white powdery residue. So far so good! Much easier to blend in and the scents are just as lovely. I repurchase this one a lot and definitely one is now recommend.

Too Faced ‘Melted’ chocolate liquid lipstick in milkshake

Lydia and Lucy’s influence yet again…they rave about the melted products a lot, and I kind of liked the idea that they smelled chocolatey (in such a gimmick ‘ho).

I picked this up in Sephoraast summer and have really enjoyed using it – the velvetey applicator is really lovely to use, the consistency is matte yet moisturising, and the colour is lovely (very similar to NYX Stockholm, which I know everyone enjoyed as a good nude shade. Side note: I’m wearing that dude right now).

I’d definitely repurchase this shade as my ‘easy breezy go-to nude lip’ colour, though I’m not sure any of the other melted shades are for me.

MAC cosmetics ‘matte’ lipstick in velvet teddy & Bobbi Brown lip liner in ballet pink

I spotted both of these on Tanya Burr’s channel. To be honest, I think the Velevet Teddy is probably on every major bloggers channel isn’t it! So it’s not surprise I have in at Christmas and picked up my own.

At first I wasn’t sure it was the right shade for me, a bit too pink toned, but I’ve warmed to it so much more now and reach for it often.

I bought the lip liner to try wearing all over my lip on it’s own, but quickly discovered it’s the ideal pairing with Velevt Teddy so usually wear them both together when I’m trying to be more put together. I think next on my list will have to be the infamous MAC Ruby Woo!

Too Faced better than sex mascara

I originally saw this on Lucy and Lydia’s channel and noticed lately Tanya Burr has been trying it out too. Both rave about it and say it’s their go-to mascara product of the moment.

When I got it I was impressed by the packaging and weight of the product for the price, it seems pretty decent value for this kind of mid-range price range. However, whereas I haven’t been unimpressed with using it, I wouldn’t say I’ve been blown away either.

I’ve been using this and the new L’Oréal false lag effect one lately, and they’re both fine, but neither are giving me that ‘boom boom pow’ that they seem to be giving others. It’s a nice product though even using just one coat, but I think my search for the amazing product will still be on when it runs out.

Urban Decay all-nighter makeup setting spray

This was another summer Sephora purchase thanks to a final Lucy and Lydia recommendation. My makeup slides terribly so wanted something that would help combat this, and boy does it ever.

When I use it correctly (i.e. Not spraying too close to my face so that it makes my mascara run anyway) it really de a give me that staying power, so is ideal for warm summer days and sweaty nights out. The packaging has changed and is now a really cool black colour, so I look forward to re-adding it to my collection in its chic new format. It may also stay a little cleaner too! 

There’s probably going to be many more of these purchases made in the future, to think there was time when I had to come up with what I bought all by myself! 

Stay stylish,

J 😘xx