FESTIVE/ Top festive tipples 

Tis’ the season to be sociable…and festive frolics usually come with a little fizz! Sometimes a bit of creaminess, perhaps even a little fruit or chocolate? Whatever your preference, I have some fab festive tipples I’ve been enjoying this year.

Marks & Spencer Bucks FizzBucks Fizz is perfect for the festive period – its light and easy which means it fits perfectly with an indulgent festive brekkie or a nice addition to lunch. Secondly, its fizziness means it feels more celebratory for toasting happy times and merriment all the way to #NewYearsEve. The bubbles mean that you don’t need to drink a lot to get in to the ‘festive spirit’ shall we say, which saves both money AND calories when you need them most.

This is my probably my favourite alcoholic tipple EVER. I don’t just mean Bucks Fizz, I mean this exact brand. M&S also do a slightly fancier version too but I’ve always enjoyed this more. When I lived at home it was long running joke that my mum would have to hide this before Christmas Day to that I wouldn’t quaff the lot! This thought process wasn’t completely unfounded on her part, hehe.

Marks & Spencer Christmas Cobbler Cocktail Absolutely perfect for fruity cocktail lovers who want to nod to the time of year.

This one is a newbie for M&S this year so I thought I’d give it a go, and so far I’m not disappointed. The flavours aren’t too Christmassy, so I think this is one that I’ll be trying to eek out in to 2017.

Marks & Spencer Egg Nog Cream This is a nice alternative to Baileys- really creamy and sweet. Plus (you can’t see it very well in this shot)  up the bottle has a really lovely irredescent shimmer that makes it feel so much more Christmassy*. Like Baileys it also works beautifully in other drinks; used a large shot of this when I made white hot chocolate recently and it tasted amazing.

*At this poínt I feel I should point out that M&S is always my go-to for festive alcohol, this is definitely not sponsored or angendered in any way!
Ribena Winter Spice This is one of my favourite winter warmers as a non alcoholic drink, it’s a great for mulled wine lovers (like me) that don’t always feel like a drink. As I’ve been driving more in the evenings recently it’s nice to still feel I can enjoy a winter drink in the daytime that’s not hot chocolate.

If you have any go-to tipples feel free to share them with me, it’s nice to try new things. Cheers!

Stay stylish,

J 😘xx