BLOGGING/ Heeeeeerrrrrrrrre’s Alice!

After lots of hard work (and probably some womanly nagging on my part) I’m thrilled to showcase the official curiousalice to you all!


This was designed by my very talented friend (and for many years very caring and patient surrogate father) Tony Broomfield ( The brief was a modern Alice in Wonderland with a fashion-y twist (along with a little of the food and drink that Alice -and I – adore so much!) which I think he has totally nailed. Check out the banner at the top of the page, cute right? Tone also does really cool graphic design that I’ve had the pleasure of seeing over the years on birthday cards (and a mocked up OK! Magazine for my wedding) and is a pretty good photographer, have a look at this shot he took of me and Mr Alice


It looks amazing on our wall in Black and White too.

Hope you like Alice, keep coming back to see her lots so she doesn’t get lonely!

Stay Stylish

J xx

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