FASHION/ Weekly Style Roundup

Casual Looks


How these dolls look so cool when it’s so hot outside is beyond me! Working denim with a good heel is always a winner in my book, and Suki looks so cute and kooky (no rhyme intended) in her jumper dress for a long plane ride.

Summer Looks




And these dolls look so hot but are staying so cool! Roch is taking a tip from Mich K last week and wearing her own design (looking utterly flawless in the process), there’s a reason it’s almost sold out! Grab it while you can here
The rest are a perfect combo of my personal style faves – shirt dress, pattern, monochrome, funky sunnies, cool blue hair, pencil skirt and slogan tee (Cara made me do it, eek!) you get a couple of similar looks to Jourdan’s tea from ILW (

Evening Style


I’m not the biggest Amy Childs fan if I’m honest, and it has been whispered in the last year or so that bandage dresses are a little dated now (which I disagree with, by the way). However this one is a great neutral palette and an on trend Bardot shape which bring it right back into date in my opinion. Also, bandage fabric is like an entire outfit of spanx and smooths EVERYTHING out, who doesn’t love that!?!?

Nails Nails Nails

Reality stars be bringing the nail envy this week!


Working on bringing the blog a cute new look with some artwork (I’m going cartoon y’all) as well as a very special collaboration….stay tuned for those

Until then, Stay Stylish

J xx

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