I think, when it comes to music awards, we all kind of expect something a bit more than we would from any other red carpet. I personally like to see a bit of edge, a bit of sex appeal, perhaps a bit of shock value (*cough cough* Amber Rose). I like to see the shock as much as I’m sure those who do it set out to get the attention, but they’ll only be fodder for the Fashion Police for me! My best dressed lovelies are definitely bringing the edge, the sex and the glam in spades though….

Bringing Sexy Black (yeah)


It’s the cut, colour and fabrics used that gives these looks their edge – pleather and silk are sexy feeling fabrics and the added flashes of flesh just amp that up. Although Jourdan’s look is very similar to Miley’s she’s doing sexy in a more demure way – the fabric tones down the edginess (but creases a lot more, school girl error) and the skirt is making her pose a little more elegant, no spreading her legs and sticking out her tongue! That’s perhaps the difference in their professions and the fact that Jourdan’s a mama.

Sexy and I Know it…


That’s really what these dresses (and the facial expressions of the women wearing them) are screaming right? And I couldn’t agree more! It defies belief that la Lopez is standing next to girls almost 20 YEARS her junior and looks just as smokin’ hot. I’m seriously hoping that it’s in the name, I won’t look that bangin’ unless I hit the gym a bit harder but the face may stay in tact…I got asked for ID in a pub a cole of months ago, that’s the same, right??

Old Skool Workin’ it


These ladies still manage to look edgy/sexy without flashing quite as much and look just as fab. The neon colour pops with black mean they automatically stand out against the carpet and all of the darker/metallic coloured outfits on show, and Gwen mixes hers up more with the studded accessories (belt, shoes and jewellery- they’re not massively clearly in this pic). Jordan’s look is so demure it could almost be put on for other events and not be offensive, particularly as it’s pure white, but I like that she’s taking a risk by her standards and doing a plunging neckline with the thigh slit and slicked back hair. She never would’ve done that before when she was a little bigger and not as confident, clearly she’s taking a tip from her BF Jason and giving it some “wiggle wiggle wiggle”.

Queen Bey Y’all


Honestly – I didn’t like the outfit Mrs C wore down the carpet, it was too much material and didn’t do a great deal for her curvy figure in my opinion. But these two looks, woomph there it is! The oxblood colour looks gorgeous with her skin tone and is going to be one of THE colours to be seen in this A/W (yay!) and the jewelled bodysuit she performed in just screams “stop what the hell you doin’ and put your eyes on me”. Well deserved wins all round.

One for the Boys


Music award dress can be awkward for men- they seem to only have the option to wear a proper suit and look very formal, or wear jeans a tee and try to not try and look a bit trampy (*cough cough* Wiz Khalifa). So seeing Nick go for a suit but totally funk it up with the blue tartan print jacket is an awesome compromise! Adding in the tougher footwear he looks smart yet edgy and very dapper. I salute you Jo bro!

Get in touch and let me know if you agree with my best dressed looks and what yours were by tweeting me @IamJennyChat or Instagram thisisjennychat

Stay Stylish

J xx

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