FASHION/ My Emmys Best

It wasn’t my intention to do celeb style posts three times on the trot, but I completely forgot it was the Emmys last night and didn’t want to leave it all to my weekly style round up on Sunday! Like I said yesterday, I usually have a certain expectation of how I want to stars look on a traditional red carpet, however I don’t think my favourite choices completely reflect that opinion this time! Also, I’m not hugely familiar with a lot of the American stars names (*hangs head in shame as types*) but I don’t think that matters when. It comes to style!

Scarlet Fever



Red was definitely THE colour on the carpet. Can be tricky given that it’s the same colour as the carpet, but I these dolls have sussed it! I really like the higher hem and print on *insert name here* dress (great opportunity to show off shoes!) and the little train at the back keeps the interest as she walks away. Same with Guiliana’s gown, she looks just as good (in some cases better) as the stars she interviewing for E!…make sure you’re on your own ‘must see looks of the week’ when you film Fashion Police this week G! Heidi’s dress is ridiculously simple which is it’s charm – the draping over her bangin’ body and the colour does everything it’s supposed to and she is model perfect to me. I picked Sarah Hyland (Modern Family) because she represents the younger attendee and highlights how hard it can be for a non-adult to dress for these events – a formal gown can age them, so what else do they do? This is a good compromise as it combines the formal with the youth in the large maxi skirt and crop top,mans she just about pulls it off. My only slight critique would be that the crop top she’s picked is perhaps a little too casual with the skirt, and a different shape/material could have nailed it better for me.

All White Now


There’s lace, there’s chiffon draping, there’s a hot man on the arm! Sophia Vegara is very consistent with her red carpet looks as she know what asset to highlight (waist and cha chas) and always picks a gown that does it well. Some may say this is dull, I think it’s clever as she always looks great! Lucy Liu just looks ethereal and gorgeous, end of. Camilla’s dress could’ve bordered on indecent with the sheer panels but the clever lining makes is classy (although it may have look even better if it’d gone all the way down and now stopped at the knee) even better is that she compliments Matthew really well by making him look good but not overshadowing him as the star, and props to him for ditching same old black for the lush midnight blue tux. Best dressed couple?

Something a little different



Another sexy black look, just not sure who the lady wearing it is! She’s obviously a bit edgy checking out her fab tatts and has managed to stay true to herself by showcasing them via the shoulder detail and keeping conformist in a subdued material and longer length dress. The cut around the front and back are quite individual and it look fab. The floral gown next to her *insert name here! this is getting silly now* is nice as it’s always different when a pattern pops up on the carpet – Lucy Liu did a similar things a few seasons back and I think there’s always a place for it without it looking awful. The last pic is meant to be of the yellow dress, I do like Julia’s look but I can’t help but think it would have been better suited to one of the slightly more demure VMA looks of the day before…thoughts? But the yellow is popping, fabulous and a little different up close when you see the detailing (and yes, I don’t know who she is either!)

Who were your hot pics for Emmy style? Let me know!

Stay Stylish

J xx

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