FASHION/ New York Fashion Week so far

It’s here again! I get so excited by NY and London fashion weeks, as well as the fabulous runway looks we also get celebs and fashion muses turning out the style in the FRows and at the hot fashion parties. It really would’ve been too much to put into a single post (as well as including all of my other best dressed highlights from the week) so I’m making it a three parter. Enjoy!

Runway Fab

1- Naheem Khan
One of the first shows I think. Gorgeous pastel shades, ornate patterned gowns with sheer panels, shimmery beading and colour pop tribals. Great start!






2 – BCBG
More pastels lots of pink, yay! Most of the collection is beautiful silky looking garments with a lot of swish but they’ve also added in a little texture with faux fur (at least I hope it’s faux) and leather. Getting a bit excited as the prospect of rocking some chic pink pleather in S/S 2015…






3- Zac Posen
Dramatic ball gown glamour baybee! If I don’t see a few celebs rocking some of these beauties down the red carpets in awards season I’ll be shocked…
Maybe Anne Hathaway in this one


Sophia Vergara would look her usually va va VOOM in this one


Could really see Julia Roberts or Cate Blanchett in this


Maybe Kim K on a dressed down day?!?!


4- Betsey Johnson
My FAVE by far!! How could it not be? It’s a fabulous mix of 80s Madonna meets ditzy prints meets tulle meets a bit of 60s meets candy floss. They may work best as more editorial pieces but I can’t wait to see which celebs may be brave enough to wear these!







FRow and Fashion Party Looks




Quite frankly, my faith in humanity may have been shaken if I wasn’t including SJP and Olivia Palermo in this post. SJP has killed it for me this week (she’ll in my weekly style round up tomorrow) and this cobalt dress looks fabulous – the style is flattering and age appropriate and the extra pop of lime in amongst the already vibrant hue is guaranteed to make her stand out. She is SJP after all. I kind of feel like the armful of boho style bangles are throwing it a bit though as they take a little of the polish away from the overall look. And, as much as I’m crushing on her hair, I’m wondering if an up do may have been better? I like that Olivia has done two classy looks in completely different ways as well – firstly in the super chic 60s print monochrome shift with the sleeveless blazer (need. these. in. my. wardrobe. NOW) and then with the tailored pencil skirt/shirt combo in double denim. The best bit for me? She’s wearing the same shoes with both, which makes me feel a bit better about the fact that I pretty much wear the same 3 pairs of shoes with everything! I also really like colour blocking of Jamie Chung’s look as well it seems very typical fashionista at fashion week and exactly what I want to see!



Hey baby hey baby hey…again, it couldn’t really be fashion week without Gwen Stefani popping up! I adore this first look and am going to be trying my hardest to find a high street copy of it IMMEDIATELY (so if anyone’s seen it, let me know) It’s joggers, it’s animal print with tartan inside, it’s moody and fierce, it doesn’t look overdone for all the different trends it’s hitting….aarrrrrrgggggghhhhhhhhh!!!!! The other outfit is from her L.A.M.B catwalk presentation which a great alternative to a dark floral, possibly the non floral equivalent to the outfit I posted yesterday? Gwen has followed Oliva’s lead and worn the same shoes twice (and are also quite similar in their fierceness). Yay.


When your name is Coco Rocha, a combination of two high designer’s names, you kind of have the gauntlet thrown down to be one stylish chick. Coco laughs in the face of the gauntlet! Well actually she pouts those beautiful red lips and looks very polished with it.


Sometimes, particularly at fashion events like these, I feel like Poppy is my favourite Delevigne. Please don’t tell anyone.


This is the most shocking Rihanna look I think I’ve ever seen! I really like seeing her go a bit girly and cutesy, not that she looks too happy about it does she (there were pics of her smiling but you couldn’t see the outfit in its fully glory) she’s committed to the look with the pearl accessories and the white pointed court Loubs with delicate laser cut out pattern are a reminder that she’s attending a high fashion event, although I think the lace up bits may be a bit too RiRi and a bit less pure than the rest of her outfit. It’s nice to see her hair curly too.

Part 1 has taught us that fierce footwear is in! I will be shoe boots with even greater pride in this knowledge.

Hope you enjoyed the first part, Weekly Style Round Up is on it’s way tomorrow.

Stay Stylish

J xx

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