FASHION/ Weekly style round up

What a week for fashion – Soooooo many styles for my little eyes to feast on and enjoy!

Daytime style


So there’s three very different vibes going on here – Lilah’s holding onto the summer, Kim’s holding onto the night before, and Anne is racing through to full on autumn! Although Lilah’s outfit (the pic of which is borrowed from her Instagram) is a little sunnier than the weather’s been this week (well, up North at least) it still embraces the A/W trends of moody winter floral and the two piece. Ah, I always enjoy Lilah’s style. Kim looks gorgeous – the monochrome, the cut of the jumpsuit, the cute booties, that hair! But this is a look that us mere mortals would wear for a night out rather than to an early morning radio show, nevertheless she dances to the beat of her own drum and I like the rhythm.


I always get excited when I see SJP wear something that immediately transforms her into Carrie Bradshaw like this look on the left! Here’s a question, what came first – SJP style brought into CB, or CB style (as translated by Pat Field) creeping in SJP? The right look is more her, running around with her children she usually looks incredible dressed down (that’s putting it politely). Here she’s managed to look casual in jeans but evolved into a more stylish ‘mummyform’ (uniform for mamas) with the addition of the fab ankle boots, turned up hems, oversized shopper and glossy wavy hair.

Mono Love

Black and white are my fave, for me it can sometimes stand out way more than any bright colour can. I think it’s the five years I was forced to wear it for senior school that’s finally rubbed off on me in adulthood, but I rock it a whole lot better how..I think! As do these ladies


Liberty Ross is gorgeous but not in your face with it and that is why she can pull off a more tailored look and still be absolutely stunning rather than masculine. The glossy hair, print and smoky eye are HAWT. Jess is a bit more in ya face gorgeous and is hitting us full on with he curves in that dress….I like it! The black side panels are hitting her curves perfectly yet the print keeps it interesting, and I’d totally rock those colour pops! This dress is from her own range at Lipstick Boutique which you can buy here Anna’s gone along a similar line with that fabulous print (nice job in the print this week girlies!) but in a more age appropriate style. That said her style of shoe and jacket are giving off a bit of a Little Red Riding Hood vibe no? Should look silly and childish but I think paired with this frock it looks quickly and girly.


There’s a lot I like about Rita’s look, but also things I don’t. I like – the overall style of the dress and the racer stripe detail at the back, the front view of her hair. I also like the sunnies, I wouldn’t normally put them with an evening look but it was still sunny and it is Rita so adds a bit of her quirk on the look so still makes sense. I’m less keen on the fact that you can see her bra, I know we all wear them but it kind of makes what I’m sure is an expensive dress look a bit cheap. I’m also fairly sure that these are the exact boots Ginger Spice wore with her Union Jack dress so the 90s throwback look is being channelled which I really like and is definitely Rita, but look at them wrong and they could also be cheap too? A fabulous caged heel or pointed court would’ve looked so fierce!

Evening Style


The Brit celebs have been just as glam on this side of the pond as the divas at NYFW have it seems! Pixie is wearing a beautiful boho sort of evening gown but has toughened it up with her trusty biker, exactly what I’d do! The emerald on Jessie is uh-may-zing! If I had Danielle Loyd’s body I’d be showing off a lot of skin too! Even though it’s a little dress I think the neckline, hair and shoes make it feel glam and fierce rather than too much. And remember, she is about my age and a mother of 3 boys under 5 looking that hot!! Just gonna pull in my trainers and hit the gym I think……

Hope you enjoyed this week’s round up, let me know your thoughts as always. Part 2 of NYFW coming tomorrow, it’s already looking very big…

Stay Stylish

J xx

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