FASHION/ Inspired by… with Little Bird Boutique


Which celeb would I probably most want to be….like, ever? Queen Bey y’all! Sadly I realise that this will never be (although it may be more likely if I did a few more squats at the gym to tone it all up) however thanks to my friends at LBB I can still rock her frock and at a fraction of the price… Even though I’m less toned I have similar vital stats to Bey so I thought this look may work for me too, hopefully I was right?!?! However I think my version is more wearable for a lot of people because because the top is more fitted and has slightly longer arms than her original boxy tee style so is a bit more flattering. See if you agree








I did contemplate trying to recreate the original pose from Bey’s Instagram pic but clearly instead thought ‘let’s pull some random ass faces instead’…I have one of those ‘resting bitch faces’ so I should try and be more careful! I tried this outfit with my trusty shoe boots but it turned out to be a bit of a fail – more clunky than funky with the pencil skirt bottom, gutted! This is going to work best with minimal accessories I think – barely
there sandals and a clutch, let the print do the talking.

Two Piece- Little Bird Boutique

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Stay Stylish

J 😘 xx (and LBB)

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