FASHION/ Student Wardrobe Staples…meets Mummyform (Part 2)

As somebody with an ‘interest’ in fashion and style (biggest understatement ever) I enjoy nothing more than looking at how other people put looks together and how they wear clothes – sometimes I like it, sometimes not so much. You’ll notice from my weekly style round ups that SJP is somebody’s style who I watch and like a LOT (second biggest understatement ever) In last week’s style round up I included a pic of her being papped on the school run (it’s the middle pic in the ‘SJP Watch’ section if you fancy sneaking another peak) which inspired my next student/mums on the run look. Mine is a slightly different but still proves that women of varied ages and opposite stages of the life can embrace the same sort of wardrobe staples and look good by adapting them to suit themselves.





Photos taken at Kingswood, Hull

A Basic Top

Loads of you told me you like these, so do I! They can be dressed up or down and are usually worn to death if you have them. I picked this one in particular as I enjoy a good stripy tee, I know a lot of people are a bit nervous of horizontal stripes but you shouldn’t be! There’s normally some sort of strip that comes in every season so is a good staple to have. You can make like Kate Moss/Miranda Kerr (and me!) and pair this with black skinnies, boots and a cool jacket and it’ll look so chic as well as relaxed as it does here. The longer arm is good for the chillier months as well as hiding the top of arms so people don’t love and the slash neck feels a bit more stylish. I have this top in plain black and white too and have worn them all to death! For these sort of basics intend to hit Primark as they have a ridiculously vast amount of styles at super cheap prices which is always a winner.

A Comfortable Flat

Essential for running around after little ones and navigating the dodgy pathways on campus! SJP is wearing some kind of brogue meets dolly shoe – I did try brogues but they didn’t feel right for me (but I know there’s a few of you who are very into brogues so if you rock this look I need to see it!). I also know most students are obsessed with their Converse (Which I also have) or ballet flats/slippers but I thought I’d go for my new season fave two tone slip on pumps to give the look an up date yet practical edge – as they’re slip on you don’t need your hands so can still be getting the kids ready or grabbing your brekkie as you head out of the door. Fashion made convenient, what could be better?

A Warm and Comfy Coat

Everybody needs one of these no matter what they’re doing! For the school run/walking to uni it needs to be cosy, warm and keep the rain out – tick, tick and tick! I’ve always been a parka fan. I went for black as I’ve done army green with pleather sleeves for the last couple of years and decided it was time for a change, this one is obviously a more basic colour and is less bulky but more fleecy so is just as warm. It also has the toggle/ties at the front and sides so it can be pulled in if you wanted it to be a it more fitted (I suspect the fact that they hide a little bit of shape is what puts people off) This isn’t the only coat I own but is my main go to for a casual day time look, I also have another jacket staple coming in part 3 as a more figure hugging (yet slightly less warming) option. And, as this was a bargain £25, you can totally justify a a second jacket too!

Top- Primark
Jeans- Primark
Shoes- Matalan
Parka- Primark

Hope you’ve enjoyed Part 2, get in touch and let me know if these are the sorts of things you wear for the school run or to lectures:
Twitter: @ IamJennyChat
Instagram: thisisjennychat

I’m also over on Depop market under @iamjennychat so come join me there!

Stay Stylish
J 😘 xx

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