FASHION/ Jumping into Autumn

Happy October! I hope the month brings you lots of fashion, food and fun (…what else? Hehe) as it will be doing for me.

So in this post as well as sharing one of my fave A/W trends, paisley print, I also wanted to show you a phenomenon that is unique to my fair City of Hull – the cream telephone box. They’re everywhere! And since it matched the tones of my A/W jumpsuit I thought it was the ideal accessory to be in shot with. We also have one of the elusive gold phone boxes courtesy of Mr Luke Campbell for his Olympic gold in 2012, I may feature that one sometime too.








Taken in Sutton Village, Hull

I don’t wear jumpsuits very often but I really liked the autumnal feeling colours and I thought that the Elasticated waistband would be good for waist definition (which I think it is). The material is really light and silky feeling too so is lovely to wear. I wanted to try something different to my normal footwear, so obviously in my head this meant investing in ANOTHER pair of boots…I like that these are a cool mix of a hiking boot and those stiletto heeled Timberland’s that J-Lo rocked out in in the early 00s, except the heel on these babies is way more practical for strutting down the street in real life. They also come in a matte and shiny black too – I may need to try those too, since they’re practical and all, hmm……

Jumpsuit – ILWF
Boots – Matalan

Don’t forget to look for me over on Depop Market too, search @iamjennychat

Stay Stylish

J šŸ˜˜ xx

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