FASHION/ Black Coffee to go…

I’m FINALLY on the precipice of starting my final year at uni – there’s been freshers week, there’s been the official first but ‘non teaching’ week (because the 17weeks of those they just gave us really aren’t enough you know) so all that’s left is for the merry go round to kick off again on Monday! And I’m just ready to hibernate and be comfy now it seems with this look. I do enjoy a jogger but these are a waaaaay more casual style than I’d ever usually consider to be any kind of fashion statement! THATS putting it extremely politely…However I passed by them on a mannequin and thought they looked cool, so figured I’d try and work them into relaxed student look. And I just happened to have the perfect sweatshirt to pair with them…









Taken at University of Hull campus

There’s a couple of reasons I think these joggers work in the outside world: The marl grey gives them a bit of texture and interest so makes them more of a casual trouser than the trampy trakkies we all think of, and up close the waist/ankle bands have a cool snakeskin print which is super stylish right now. They’re as ridiculously comfy too (the whole outfit is really!) so are brilliant for walking about and sitting in long lectures. By pairing with a cropped sweatshirt your figure isn’t drowned – you’re still showing shape and not adding bulk. I finished off with wedge trainers to keep some height so it wasn’t completely cas, yet it’s still really comfy. Ive also tried this look with my normal ankle boots and think they work too if you tuck the joggers in. I also reckon that you you could switch out the top/shoes for something a bit more dressy and work a laid back evening outfit…thoughts?

This could also work as part of the ‘mummyform’ looks I’ve done as well I think for the super cool and hip mamas amongst the bunch – throw your hair into a casual top knot, bit of a colour pop lip maybe? The bag DEFINITELY works for both mums and students – it can be carried or worn shoulder/cross body (you mummies all said you need both hands free!) and is a fairly good size to fit a lot of stuff in (I had my iPad, massive purse, make up bag, phone, keys, perfume, notebook and pen in when this was taken. Teeny bit tight but it shut without a fight which is all I ask for!). The texture and zip detail makes it feel really cool, in fact it kind of picks up the texture in the black bands of the joggers which ties the look together even more.

Sweatshirt – River Island–vests–sweats/sweaters–hoodies/Black-coffee-to-go-print-crop-sweatshirt-658787
Joggers- Primark
Trainers- Primark
Bag- River Island–purses/shoulder-bags/Black-fold-over-slouch-bag-648723

Get in touch and let me know what you think! All social media and my Depop links are on my contact page.

Stay Stylish

J 😘 xx

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