FASHION/ Weekly Style Round Up

Another week, another round of celebs getting papped wearing some eclectic bits of fashion. See what you think of my faves…

It’s All in the Jeans…


These gorgeous ladies remind us of how versatile our denim faves can be! Lily is one of my fave fashionistas but I think this may be the first time I’ve included her on the blog as she seems to have been out of the spotlight a bit. But she’s here now and looking fab as always in my eyes! This is such a good outfit to travel in (she was papped at the airport) the straight cut jean and loose fit tee are comfortable, the animal print on the tee also keeps the look interesting. The boyfriend fit blazer looks chic yet easy wearing for getting comfortable on a plane journey, and the patent loafers are ideal for walking those long distances through the terminals and slipping off mid air to give your tootsies a bit of a breather. The whole look screams ‘I just threw this on’ Effortless. Nice work Lil. Kylie is great at dressing for her petite slim figure and even in a simple jeans/blazer combo is still working it. The skinny fit shows off her legs (and famous booty when she gets a stride on!) and the ripped knees bring a bit of casualness and a rough edge. Everything white up top(except the hint of black bra I spy Kyles!) keeps the outfit simple and elegant, the large tote bag also helping to keep a laid back edge. Then, just when we think she’s having a loose one….BAM, shoes! Neon pink, pointed toe, stiletto heeled fierceness reminding us that really, she doesn’t do loose. You can find a similar pair here at House of CB . There’s not a great deal I can gush about with Kendal that hasn’t been said before is there?!?! She works the off duty model look perfectly. I have pretty much all the same pieces in my wardrobe and could only dream to look this fab on my down time. Won’t stop me trying though!

The Thighs Have it


These have to be the ultimate in full on sex appeal right? Thigh highs, black leather…meow! It’s a trend I enjoy to see but not one I think I would look great in so have avoided it so far. I like Sam’s dress and the boots, but not together. I kind of feel that, if you’re gonna wear a Versus Versace piece that’s loosely based on THAT Liz Hurley safety pin dress, you need to get a bit more skin out! The dress already has long arms so I think that putting a barely there sandal or black pointed court would’ve worked better and made the look all about the dress. Save the boots for a different frock. I wasn’t a massive fan of Rosie or her style until recently, but I am feeling this look…her flat matte black version of the boot has made them less S&M and more Chelsea autumn chic, the overall look has made them seem like a more attainable style for us girls. Pairing them with the leather mini and winged tote keeps the look tonal and flashes a teeny hint of skin in a way that looks cute and chic. The bottle green knit adds another texture so the outfit is interesting as well as tying together perfectly with the colour scheme. Totes perfection. Tamara’s take is my fave, that girl will wear just about any style and I am seriously pashing on this 60s style outfit! The colours are similar to Rosie’s look but have been changed up for evening with the more luxurious texture and stiletto heel on the boots. Im glad she didn’t fully commit to the 60s vibe with the hair and make up though, that may have looked too costumey. I seriously want this dress in my life now!

Daytime Fashionistas


It’s so strange seeing Lucy in a flat, I don’t think I’ve ever seen her without heels unless she’s training. But because she trains she has those gorgeously toned legs and can wear pretty much anything as a result…hard work pays! As you know I’m a long time fan of anything monochrome and checked, skater style and with a colour pop, so obviously I was drawn to this. The style and tiny checks I think would suit most body shapes so everyone could try the look and strut as proudly as Luce is. I’ve never noticed Jordan’s style before as one that makes me go ‘wow’ but being newly single and losing weight must have been her fashion triggers! The colour, the cut, the sexy split and the elongating (and fiercely sexy skin tone) shoes are quite a look to sport in the daytime hours! She proves you can be sexy by not getting everything out as is always being preached. Jason should be kicking himself when he sees this…Ciara is another newly single lady, as well as being one of Kim K’s BFFs, so obviously bring the chic ‘n sexy to her PFW look was a must. That red looks GORGEOUS against her skin, and the lace design manages to look both sexy and elegant. Underneath the casually draped oversized black coat it looks even more striking. I think the sweater style shape of the top and the cute hem of the skirt make the look a little more casual and chic and stop it looking too sexed up for the daytime. A J’adore from me.

After Dark


Who’d have thunk a fashion darling and a Spice Girl would be mentioned in the same segment for their style? Not me! Alexa’s fashion choices have not always been to my taste, but I really liked this look because it’s tonal and elegant, chic and shows off her shape really nicely. If definitely wear this- I’d look completely different but again I think making a few tweaks and these sort of pieces could work for a lot of shapes. Mel C is in the house! She looks sexy and feminine in this nude/lace jumpsuit, even her hair manages to fine in with it. Her make up is smouldering too…girl power!

Thanks for reading, look forward to sharing some more of my look,s with you next week.

Stay Stylish

J 😘 xx

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