FASHION/ Inspired by….with Little Bird Boutique

Occasionally, the problem with being a curvy gurl is that you potentially feel as if you have no business emulating a celeb’s style that looks so different from you for fear of the “who do you think YOU are?” naysayers. I’ll be honest, with this look, that was me for a minute! But I’m old and wise enough to get that, even if an outfit is the same as someone in the public eye, I will inevitable wear it differently but can rock it just as well! In the immortal words of Ms Megan Trainor “it’s pretty clear I ain’t no size 2, but I can shake it shake it like I’m supposed to do”. Hells yeah!

Anyway moving on….my celeb inspired style is this gorgeous girly – Rochelle Humes. If ever a celeb seems to have her shiz together and does so looking pretty glam, it’s this lady!


I’m still a very firm fan of the bandage dress – yes, I do believe some of the styles are perhaps a little dated, but isn’t that true with any garment that’s been out there a while? In my opinion they’re like full body of magic pants that smooth everything out, what girl wouldn’t be happy about that? My version of Roch’s look is a little more toned down because I’ve opted for a subtler colour of the dress, and as I’m a lot shorter than her it’s also a little longer which is better for me. I’ve played with two different ways to style it – slightly tousled hair and shoe boots to try and give it a funky twist (which worked surprisingly better than I expected) and sleek locks with a demure pointed court to keep it classy. See what you think






Taken at Little Bird Boutique, Hull
Photos by Tony Broomfield

I purposefully ignored accessories as I felt like the top detail of the rest should be the point of interest. If I was adding in a bag I’d go for a simple black clutch, a shoulder bag may ruin the shoulder line.

Dress- Little Bird Boutique
Shoe Boots- Primark
Court Shoes- Matalan (sold out, new season version here)

Get in touch and let me know what you think of this look (social media deets are in the contact page). Don’t forget to come over and see me on Depop market too (@iamjennychat) for some cute pieces as seen on previous posts!

Stay Stylish

J 😘 xx (and LBB)

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