FASHION/ Weekly Style Round Up

We’re at the end of another stylish (and in my case, a pretty hectic yet interesting) week! A lot of the celeb’s in the week’s round up have embraced a ‘simple is most effective’ mantra which isn’t a bad way to go, it’s certainly a super easy way for us mere mortals to be reminded that style can look great on varying budgets if worn well.

Off Duty



When I saw this pic of Sam I was wearing grey skinnies (to be blogged soon) and had just finished checking out this top online! Which you can buy from Sugar Hill Boutique here,default,pd.html?_$ja=tsid:51034%7Ccgn:8/btisdd0hQ&siteID=8_btisdd0hQ-FZB1be_lBYbgwpzr2IltNA Great minds eh 😚 I like the mustard colour pops to liven up the colour palette, I definitely want to try adding some of that to my wardrobe soon.
We’re all deep into 90s revival mode right? Yet I haven’t seen anybody bring it back like Caroline so far! This is a bit old skool Kate Moss, no? Seeing the CK logo reminds me of how obsessed everyone was with CK one (and pants in my case) and how excited I was to get a bottle from duty free in Gran Canaria aged 14…stop it Jen, they’ll work out you’re old! Oops 😳 I saw a similar furry leopard coat in Next whilst out shopping this week and (if you don’t have an original retro version) a similar top here I’m not loving the shoes, but I figured her feet are wrecked from SCD and need a break so I’ll let this one slide. No, shimmy. Or maybe cha cha cha?
Speaking of 90s, our ultimate In Living Colour 90s gurl J-Lo has gone and done a bit of a game changer with this outfit! Very pared back, it kind of looks like she’s borrowed a guy’s jumper and shirt and kind of made it work for a walk of shame the morning after…if any normal woman looked like that then mornings would be soooo much less amusing! I like this look on her though – as different as it is, with those shoes and legs she’s still getting her Latina diva oooooonn!
Taylor’s outfit hits 3 of my all time faves – skater skirt, monochrome and tartan checks. ‘Nuff said I think!

Thigh Again


Last week everyone was covering ’em up in boots, this week they’re flashing ’em Jolie style with some sexy split action! I’m a huge fan of TheWhitmore (her Twitter handle) huge fan of midnight blue, huge fan of toughening up a look with a biker jacket. YES!
Popey’s taken the tough edge a step further by adding in fierce cagey heels (you can find this similar pair at Matalan for a total bargain ) and khaki green skirt.
Millie is rocking one of my emerging fave trends ‘all black everything’ topped with uber chic fur (a similar one of which I purchased yesterday) what else would a cool fashionista/rappers wife wear, like, really? She’s getting in a bit of cheeky promo by rocking a maxi from her new range, which you can find here
Slits are fab but dangerously high on these looks – if you’re not brave enough, the high street have tamer versions (River Island are good) with single/double slits so you can still embrace the trend.

Model Behaviour


This is THE perfect example of that ‘simple is most effective’ thing I mentioned earlier – throw a few simple pieces together and create a fabulous outfit! Sometimes I think that black and white can stand out more than any colour if done well, and these gurls do it WE-HELL indeed!

Let’s Hear it for Some Colour


Kelly’s new range (Stories by KO) is small but packs a punch, much like the lady herself! This is my fave dress – elegant style, bold colour and a nod to her GB roots without looking gaudy. Those of you in the USA can buy this in stores now, it’s not UK/Worldwide yet but thanks to modern technology everyone everywhere can shop this frock by clicking here
Even though Demi’s outfit seems quite ‘out there’ in shocking pink it’s pretty simple and elegant for her, she usually favours more quirky/edgy looks. This is something real women could re create and look just as great in. Gorge.
Reece’s dress by comparison is far less simple but just as gorge. This cut out floral pattern is a really nice alternative to lace and is elegant even though there’s a lot of skin showing when you think about it. Great call keeping the shoes completely pared back. Elle Woods would approve too methinks! 👌

Next week my posts will celebrate the relaunch of Little Bird Boutique and show off some of their glam A/W frocks…I’m excited to play dress up in pretty things!

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Stay Stylish

J 😘 xx

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