BEAUTY/ Aloooooooooe Vera?

The title is me trying to make a funny…I’m quite the comedian no? No? Ok, moving on…welcome to first real beauty post! I did a cheeky one in the summer about some of the fave bits I currently use, but I haven’t tried anything brand new for a long time. As I’m an ‘all about the fashion’ (occasionally about the food, nom) kind of blogger, anything else needed to really catch my attention.

I’ve been hearing about Forever Living for a while from a few people, so when my friend Natasha offered my the chance to try some of her products I jumped at the chance! All of their products are aloe vera based that I’m told are perfectly safe for children and animals to use as well (I have neither of those to test on at home) which makes sense as aloe is natural and soothing.

Put to The Test….

Aloe Vera Jelly


It turns out I needed to test the soothing effects of aloe vera a bit quicker than I expected! I’m incredibly clumsy (this is actually a MAJOR understatement) and burnt my thumb really badly whilst getting dinner out of the oven…clearly in my mind, human skin is as good as a oven glove! Ouchy. After a quick dowse with cold water I put some aloe jelly on and it helped soothe the pain a little, I put some more on after it had been chilling in the fridge and then it felt soooooo much better. I used a little on dry spots of my legs after shaving yesterday too and it hydrated them up a treat before my night out.

Aloe Jojoba Shampoo and Conditioner


When I want to chill out by having a cheeky pamper at home I really like nice relaxing smells, these two smelt like a cross between a fancy salon and a spa. I was warned before I tried them that they may make my hair feel a bit icky as they’re formulated to remove the silicon build up left in hair by other shampoo brands, but I didn’t find that at all. My hair is a bit dry from my blonde dip dye and it felt lovely and soft when I’d finished. Peachy! Well, aloe-ey.

Aloe Vera Tooth Gel


I’m really funny about the taste of toothpaste, for some reason a lot of them just don’t seem to react well to my tastebuds and are really disgusting. This tasted a lot like Trebor soft mints, result! And it was still just fresh feeling when I woke up the next morning before breakfast. Yay.

Aloe Heat Lotion


Since my repping days (which is when Natasha and I met back in ’03, how time flies!) I’ve suffered from occasional unexplained pain in my lower back/knee that is super difficult to shift, so I was desperate to give something new a go that may help. The smell is still quite spa like but as it gets warmer and develops on the skin it becomes a bit antiseptic, but for the light relief it gave whilst it was doing its thang I was fine with that! I’m actually using is again as I type.

There are a LOT more products other than the ones I’ve tried. Check out Nat’s collection!


From weight management to beauty products like these, there’s pretty something everybody would enjoy I reckon. And Christmas is fast approaching, maybe a good time to ask Santa for a new treat?

You can view/buy all of the products (including the ones I used) here

Who else has tried any Forever Living products? Get in touch and let me know how your experiences fared against mine!

Stay Stylish

J 😘 xx

3 thoughts on “BEAUTY/ Aloooooooooe Vera?

  1. littleleeli

    These sound great. I’ve never tried these before but am alwaya trying new aloe products as it help’s reduce my scarring. May have to try these.

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