FASHION/ Preppy College Gurl*

As the new semester at uni is now well underway a cute lil student look seems perfect! This is my last look from the Matalan YouTube shoot I took part in back in September – I was really hoping to share it in conjunction with the video going live , but there’s still no formal release date and I reeeaaaaalllllly wanted to show this one! It’s a good mix of casual and quirky, which in my eyes is the perfect student attire. And on the premise, where better to shoot than at places of learning….









Taken at Hull College Drama Dept and Street Life Museum – High Street, Hull
Last collage taken at Matalan Hull Central store, Hull

This is a high waisted pencil skirt, so could be changed up to look a bit more formal for the office (or that graduate interview) as well. It came up a little longer on me than knee length so I rolled it up a bit to style it more casually. I also sized down as the stretchy material and elastic acted waist meant that it has a little more give around my smaller waist (and also why it’s super comfy to sit in lectures all day. Believe me, it’s been tested!) these boots come in black (a matte and a shiny black) as well as the brown, I tried both but settled on the brown as they feel a bit more college-ey somehow. Maybe a bit like the age old stereotype of teachers having leather elbow patches on their tweed jackets? No wonder I can’t get Mr Alice to wear one….

Sweatshirt – £14
Scuba Skirt- sold out, still available in some stores
Boots- £25

Hope you liked the look as much as I do – get in touch and tell me what you think! Don’t forget to join me over on Depop market while you’re at it.

Stay Stylish

J 😘xx

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