FASHION/ Monochrome and Paisley Crushin’

I was just thinking – I complained for the whole 5yrs of senior school about wearing a black and white uniform because all the other schools had a colour and ours was boring…so it’s pretty weird that monochrome is now my colour palette of choice as an adult! Obviously learnt more than I thought, haha. Paisley however goes in and out of my fickle fashion affections – but when it’s done right like this lil beauty, it never will!








Photos by Tony Broomfield
Taken at Little Bird Boutique, Hull

I didn’t want to add ANYTHING to this dress, I just wanted it to be a completely simple look. I wanted the print/mesh panel and my hot pink lips (which you can’t see too well in the shite, but they were HOT!) to do the talking. Definitely a style to add to my ‘go-to’ pile for a cheeky night out! This would also look fabulous dressed down for the daytime – with a cool pair of boots and a sweatshirt/ blanket cape thrown over to keep the chill out. Possibly even a long sleeved white tee underneath? Ooooh now there’s a thought…

Dress – Little Bird Boutique

I’d love to hear how you’d style this dress up (or see it if you already have it) so do get in touch and tell me!

Stay Stylish

J 😘 xx

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