FASHION/ (Mid) Weekly Style Round Up

I’m doing things a bit differently this week – there’s been so many looks I liked since my last round up that I thought if I left it until the weekend I may end up with far more than my stylish little eyes could take! So consider this your pre Friday treat to take your mind off the week’s “whatevers” (in my case- essays, presentations, critical commentaries, film screenings and desperately trying to start/finish about 4 novels) who doesn’t love one of those?!?!

‘Street’ Style



I put ‘street’ because these lovelies are mainly far more glam but just outside! I’m crushing hard on faux fur Gilets this season as a cosy way to add a bit of texture to an outfit, whether it’s dressy or causal. I like both for different reasons – Lucy’s (which you can buy from Lucy’s Boutique here or Celeb Look’s more affordable version here as the mix of colours make it extra interesting, whilst Lydia’s black will go with everything and it’s kind of ‘roughed up’ which gives it a tougher edge (available from Bella Sorella here And those boots Lyds….yes!
Kim is a rapper’s wife so is technically more street I guess, but this look is far more Kim K than Kimye and I find it simply elegant and chic. The colour is beautiful for the season, the fine knit is cosy yet still feels typically Kardashian glam. Gorgeous!
Chanelle’s look is ironcally a bit Kanye! I like that it feels relaxed yet tough and fierce – I would definitely wear this but switch out the top for a longer one (I still have more jiggle than smoking hot abs sadly!). I have an urge to buy some Timberlands now! You can pick up similar jeans by Miss Pap here and a cool check shirt from Missguided here

Too Glam to Give a Damn



It’s getting to the time of year where we’re all going out a bit more and we all want to wear something a little more glitzy – which Chezza, Millie and Beyonce be bringing in spades! I admit Cheryl and Millie’s frocks are probably not what most of us will be wearing out and about but they’re so glamorous and stunning that I needed to include them.
Queen Bey’s look is way more wearable, high street wearable in fact…yes, she’s rocking Top Shop! And it’s still in stock RIGHT NOW!! It’s on the website here and I’m very excited that it’s also in my local branch, I’m sorely tempted…(if any #hullbloggers wanna come shopping and give me an opinion…??)
Cheryl’s second look is a bit more wearable for us mere mortals – the skater style is super flattering and the cheeky hint of leopard print is a bit of oomph to an LBD.
Rita’s outfit to me is screaming ‘Bloggers Dream’ as I can think of so many who I think would totally own this look! Blue/checks are always a winner with me anyway, I think the top would need to be a shorter/more fitted for me to wear but as of now I’m keenly watching the high street for a more wearable version! Let me know if you see anything.
Even when J- Lo does ‘demure’ (well, for her) she’s still so hot. She’s definitely gotten better and better with age…maybe it’s in the name? Looking at back at some of my old photos I could believe that! Fingers crossed, hehe. I actually think this could look great for daytime as well with a knee boot and a faux fur slung over the top, Oooh….This turquoise colour is too gorgeous though, I want this dress sooooo bad now!! I’ve seen a similar outfit on In The Style by Lauren Pope which a cobalt co-ord, doesn’t sound that similar but when you look you’ll see where I’m coming from

Hot Mamas


This is pregnancy style done very well – both of these ladies were style conscious before bump and see no reason why that should change, and I agree! Swing dresses like Kourtney’s are great for non pregnancy as well, they’re one of my fave styles as they’re so comfy but still stylish. I’ve seen a co-ord in a similar print by ILWF here (the style of the skirt may not be one that pregnant ladies like as much for comfort)
Blake looks so cute! Simple, cosy and elegant. Perfect for A/W. You can buy a beautiful Cape from just about anywhere, but as hers is black and red then you can pick up this total bargain from Celeb Look (which I blogged last week in my ‘Snug as a Fashionista in a Blanket Cape’ post)

So now you see, I couldn’t possibly have kept all of this fashion goodness to myself until Sunday! Hope you enjoyed – let me know which looks are your faves and which ones you’re going to buy.

Stay Stylish

J 😘 xx

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