BLOGGING/ The Liebster Award


Two awards nominations over one weekend, eek! I’ve seen the Liebster award pop up on some of my fave blogs so I’m completely thrilled to add this to my collection with my ‘The Lovely Blog Award’. Thank you to Ria at for nominating me – one of my new blogging pals who also seems to double as Superwoman being a mum to a 1yr old whilst continuing to get an education! The blogging community has shown me that there are still people in the world that are nice and supportive of others, and that makes me even happier that I’m now a part of that.

Ria’s Questions to Me:

1- What Was the Last Book You Read, Did You Enjoy it?
Im currently reading The Leftovers by Tom Perrotta (which has also just been made into a TV series being screened on Sky 1) as one of the books that I’m writing my dissertation about. I’m enjoying it a lot more than I thought, kind of forgetting to make notes as I go! I obviously made the right choice.

2- What’s Your Most Embarrassing Moment You’re Willing to Share?
Unfortunately, I have them far too often to recall any one with much clarity! Today for example when I was shooting my next blog post, wearing a t-shirt with boobs on it) my hubby shouted “move your arm, I can’t see your left boob!” As a couple of straight laced oldies walked past….Oopsie!

3- Whats Your Favourite Time of Year or Day and Why?
Year – June as it’s my birthday month, the weather is usually lovely and uni is finished for the summer! Day- possibly the time between lunch and mid afternoon on a Saturday as its cosy and relaxed.

4- How Would You Spend Your Last Day on Earth?
No idea and don’t want to think about it. Would rather just try and enjoy as much as I can all the time!

5- If You Could Meet Anyone Living or Dead, Who Would it be and Why?
It probably changes all the time! Right this second I’d go Khloe K – she’s my fave Kardashian with great style a d I think she could show a gal a good time!

6- Describe Yourself in 3 Words
Fashion. Food. Fun. What else? Hehe

7- When Was the Last Time You Laughed or Cried and What the Reason?
Last night I laughed at a wedding, when a girl I met at the hen party came over to say hi by shouting a memory out from the event (I won’t say what!) the last time I cried was yesterday morning when I thought about how much stuff I have to do between now and the end of the year.

8- If You Had the Courage to do One Thing, What Would it be?
Try and make it as the female Gok Wan when I graduate. I could squeeze bangers just as well as him I reckon.

H9- Who is Your Best Friend?
My hubby – no question.

10- What’s Your Most Used Website (besides your blogging platform?)
Mail Online. I enjoy reading the latest news and gossip, as well as seeing what the celebs are wearing.

My Nominees

This was so hard as I just nominated all of my faves for The Lovely Blog award! So I’ve been a bit selfish and picked one to be a double nominiee, but a worthy one! Heather is a ‘returning veteran’ to the blogging scene and is doing so for a reason that’s super personal that’ll hopefully be able to help others, which I’m more than happy to get behind.


My Questions for YOU

1- What Does a Perfect non working/uni Day Look Like to You?
2- Where do You See Yourself in 5yrs Time?
3- What Do you Like Most About Your Home Town?
4- What’s Your Guilty Pleasure?
5- Describe Yourself in 3 Words.
6- What is your Number 1 Dislike?
6- Where Would Your Ultimate Holiday Destination be and Why?
7- Why Did You Start Blogging?
8- Who is Your Favourite Person to Spend Time With?
9- What is Your ‘go to’ Outfit for a Night Out?
10- What Would Your Autobiography be Called?

The Rules

* Thank the blogger who nominated you
* Answer all of the questions
* Nominate other bloggers with less than 500 followers whose blogs your love
* Post 10 questions for them to answer
That’s it!

Stay Stylish

J 😘 xx

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