FASHION/ Fabulous Textures (and a hint of boob)

I adore textures. They’re making potentially ordinary outfits look a little bit of sumthin’ sumthin’ this season. I had a little play with it when I did my fluffy jumper/denim skirt/wool boyfriend coat combo back in September but I’ve been waiting to do a different take on it ever since…so here it is! I adored this coat (a gift from mama Alice) so much in the shop that I almost forgot I had it on and tried to leave, it just felt like it had just been waiting for me to take it home! See if you can spot the shot where Mr Alice shouted “Move your hair, it’s covering your left boob!” Just as an older couple were walking past. Oopsie!













Also, how gorgeous are these shoes? Some of the best flats I’ve ever seen – shiny and pointy and so frickin’ cool even when you’re being casual. Little tip re the pleather treggings – you need the hoik (technical term, haha) them up gently yet firmly! Well worth it though as they’re really comfy and look a bit more glam than normal trousers for a change (my next look with them will be with knitwear a la Kendal Jenner in last week’s Style round up). My tee is one of my other purchases from Charlotte Crosby’s Nostalgia range with In The Style- cheeky and to the point, so very me! Not sure if I’ll be wearing this one to uni though…

Jacket- Next
Tee- Nostalgia by In The Style (also comes in white)
Trousers- Dorothy Perkins
Shoes- Next

Hope you enjoyed my take on textures, let me know what you think and how are you wearing yours!

Stay Stylish

J 😘xx

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