FASHION/ 90s Child

I was a child of the 90s. No, I don’t mean when I was born, I mean grew up in – I watched Saved By The Bell, remember Justin and Britney as hot couple badly clad in denim, heard Will Smith’s story bout how his life got flip turned upside down…and Cher Horowitz will ALWAYS be the style icon for my generation. And, not really sure why I care to admit this publicly, my last name used to be Gallagher…THAT explains a few things right! So I embrace the retro now but lived it then too! So I thought I’d do a cheeky 90s look based on the fashion I was too young to wear back then









This roll neck is part of a co-ord by Lauren Pope (my third consecutive blog ft ITS), a nude bra underneath works the best as the fabric is a little sheer, but almost silky feeling and a textured in. Away I’ve not seen before which brings a bit of quirk. You’ll also notice that I’m wearing an actual pair of real jeans, the first proper fitting pair I’ve bought in years….result!! And also fulfilling a 90s childhood dream of owning a pair of ripped jeans, sad but true! These are the softest comfiest pair EVER, anyone who has seen me around uni lately will probably have seen me wearing them as I pretty much only take them off for bed at the minute (again, probably sad but very true). I topped it off with my fave 90s hairstyle, there are actual photos of my sporting it but not quite as polished (I was called ‘fountain head’ between ages 11-12) and my trusty cleated boots. I’m usually all about a colour pop lip but I went the whole nine(ties) yards and did a nude which I was surprisingly happy with – I used Miss Sporty Instant Colour & Shine Lip in Playful Beige.

Jumper- In The Style by Lauren Pope
Jeans- Miss Pap
Boots- Primark

Hope you like the look, mahoosive style round ups (yes that’s plural, it’s been a fashionable week) on the way shortly. I’m also blogging non fashiony posts on Tumblr now too (my first was yesterday’s ‘Breaking the Internet?’) if you feel like sneaking a peak.

Stay Stylish

J 😘xx

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