FASHION/ Lizard Lickin’ Goooood

I’ve been a baaaaad gurl this month. I’ve let my severe addiction to cake (well, food in general) take over so have spent a lot of time feeling very full, a bit bloated and a lot guilty! Must try harder until the end of the year now.

So with this in mind I decided to try out Charlotte Crosby’s claim about her Nostalgia Range by In The Style – which is that you can eat carbs in the clothes and not feel uncomfortable afterwards. I thought the perfect dress to do this in was her fave from the collection (which is also my fave). It was kind of an impromptu shoot so apologies for pulling touristy poses and cheesy grins at the end!






Taken at Hull Marina

The unusually shaped building in the background is The Deep ( Hull’s fabulous aquarium (that doubles as a restaurant and quirky wedding venue) that is now home to penguins! I need to go and visit them soon.

Anyway moving on from the City pride and back to the clothes…I’d just eaten a MAHOOSIVE and very delicious lunch, and felt completely comfy in this cute lil frock during and afterwards. The lizard design makes it bit more quirky and interesting, and honestly I’ve worn it so much lately that I’m sure Mr Alice thinks it’s the only one I have! I kept the lower half fitted with the dress being looser and brought the knee socks back out to keep the cute/quirky thang going, my go to cleated ankle boots and double bobble hat. Awesome! I also had on a black faux fur jacket (last season Dorothy Perkins) but took it off for the photos so you could see the dress better, possibly not the best thing to do when by the river on a chilly autumn day but it’s all in the name of blogging…well, Curious Alice.

Dress – Nostalgia by Charlotte Crosby for In The Style
Hat- Matalan (also in Pink)
Socks- Primark
Boots- Primark

What do you think of this look? I always enjoy hearing your thoughts.

Stay Stylish

J 😘 xx

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