FASHION/ Weekly Style Round Up

The celebs are already sporting some fabulous festive looks for December this week! Hope they continue their A game for the whole month so I have some more looks to lust over…

Kimmy Style



My first thought looking at these pics was ‘she’s wearing the same shoes, praise!’ I don’t think I’ve EVER seen her do that, but I like that she has a fav pair like us mere mortals! I also like this block colour trend she’s working in both, she’s been doing this a lot more lately, it looks really chic and polished. Camel is such a luxurious colour for looking glam anyway. I read somewhere that her camel dress cost just $19 too, I’d like to snap that bad boy up if there’s any left!

Angelic Divas


Khlomoney had captured my fashiony heart again – such a simple outfit done in delicate textures with shimmery pale tones like some sort of sexy winter princess, I’d totally wear this!
Jenna looks more girly with the pattern of the cut outs but I just adore the look, still working a bit o sexaaay (well, she IS Mrs Magic Mike) with the low front and sheer panelling. Winter whites ahoy ladies!

Suits You


I know Roch is technically in a suit, but the skin tight trouser/blazer/thigh highs in all black err thang just…..nope, I’ve gone……
Portia’s look is more masculine tailoring done with a feminine twist. I ADORE the check and that its monochrome, it could possibly be too much withe matching shirt but I like that as it’ll still be a co-ord type look when she takes the jacket off. If I was wearing it though I’d either go classic with a plain white shirt, or colour pop with a Scarlett red one. I’d definitely keep her gorge colour pop lip though, as you know I’m always rambling about how I like a good lippy

Chic n Cosy

These looks both kind of feel a bit blogger actually, that’s probably why I’m such a fan! If anyone knows where I can get Nic’s cape, I neeeeeed it in my life. It’s such a good piece to chuck on over anything to look more polished and together (even if you’re not underneath) another monochrome thumbs up!
I’ve passed over faux fur for years. Right now I’ve limited myself to just two in my wardrobe (I know, totes restrained right?) but I’m always seeing more I want and Rita has reignited my longing to grow my fluffy collection! Glamorous have some really funky coats at the moment similar to Rita’s so take a looksie if you feel like recreating her look. Those gold tipped boots are such a cool touch too.
Just a quick word about the hats – they’re a lifesaver for covering a rubbish hair day whilst keeping you looking stylish. I live in mine!

Best of the Rest



I’ve never seen an article of clothing in quite this shade of green that Pixie is rocking here, obviously she’s experimenting after being inspired by her Strictly stint (that’s UK Dancing With The Stars for my US readers). It’s quite striking for the dark winter nights and really pops against the black, these pieces are gorge and it feels very fashion forward for me. Win!
All hail Queen Bey!! This is the archetypical chic evening glam we’re used to seeing, and why mess with a winning formula? Gorgeous colour against her skin tone, also one of my fave colours for the A/W season every year

Which looks have been your fave this week? Get I. Touch and let me know. But, before I leave you, we have important business to discuss…..


This week I’ve run my first ever giveaway. A fabulous goody bag filled with some of the goodies I enjoyed in my gift bag at the #HullBloggers event last week. Thanks for all that entered – if you like this blog you should search for my fellow Humber blogging gals on Twitter using #HullBloggers after all, you did all say you heart them did you?? Hehe. I think almost everybody that entered has some sort of connection with Hull so it’s also awesome that, like me, you like supporting local passion, so big SMOOCH for that! I played fair with picking a winner – all the names were written out and out into my standard blogger issued fedora, which was then handed to Mr Alice for home to close his eyes and pick a winner


And the winner is……..


Well done lovely girl! Get in touch with your home address and I will get these babies posted out for you as an early Christmas pressie. Enjoy xx

Until next week

Stay Stylish

J 😘 xx

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