FASHION/ Monochrome and Grey (My Fave!)

I’d hoped to be back up to full fashion posting capacity this week – sadly the wind on the Humber put paid to that as every time I’ve gone to shoot an outfit the pics end up looking like its Cousin It from The Adams Family doing my blog…nobody wants that!

I realised that, in my excitement over the #HullBloggers event, I hadn’t posted what I wore! FBlogger fail, hanging my head in shame as I type….the pics aren’t the best as the were shot in a hurry in some questionable light and shadows (NO dirty jokes please!) but hopefully you get the idea







I wanted to wear something that was very ‘me’ and daytime casual/stylish. How did I do? As you probably know I’m obsessed with monochrome and these ripped jeans, so that seemed obvious, as well as a good slogan tee. But, rather than wear one that I wear all day time, I changed it up by creating my very own with Rock on Ruby! I thought the perfect slogan would be my blog’s tagline, what else? Haha. Alex (1 of my fellow event co-ordinations) also wore a slogan tee, and it turns out that Jaye who also co-ordinated was going to wear the same shoe boots as me…great minds really do style alike! I finished off with my new boyfriend jacket as it was just comfy and easy to run around in.

Jacket – ILWF
Tee – Rock on Ruby (create your own here)
Jeans – Miss Pap
Shoes – Primark

Hope you enjoyed my look and my new tee! What would your slogan be?

Stay Stylish

J 😘 xx

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