FASHION/ Weekly Style Round Up

This may well be my last celeb round up of the year! It’s been a stylish kind of a year, I’m already looking forward to seeing what they come up with next year!

Kardash Kouture


They’ve been a firm fixture all year so why should now be any different right? Very different looks but I like and would wear them all with a bit of tweaking! Best case scenario- Khloe or Kim’s hair with Kylie’s outfit, substituted with Kim’s grey crop top. They’re kind of doing that good girl, bad gurl thing again with their colour palettes aren’t they – dark and sultry or pastel n pretty.
I’ve managed to find some fabulously priced online and high street doubles if you wanna recreate any of these looks at home too, I know I will be (I won’t tell you which ones, so you’ll keep you eyes peeled for future posts)

Khloe’s Shirt – Missy Empire
Khloe’s Skirt – Missy Empire

Kylie’s Jeans – Top Shop
Kylie’s Top – Missguided
Kylie’s Coat – Missguided
Kylie’s Shoes – Missguided

Kim’s Top – AX Paris–Top.html
Kim’s Skirt ––Skirt.html

Reality Babes




These four look so good Id even dive under the mistletoe for a quick smooch, with any luck a lil bit of Essex/Geordie sparkle could rub off on me! Haha.
Sam’s pulling double stylish duty this week in two very different looks – the first one feels more styled and fashiony, the second more flirty and festive, and I really like them both! I’d definitely wear the first one. This River Island pleather pencil skirt is really similar and just as gorgeous–pencil-skirts/Pink-high-waisted-leather-look-skirt-664154 plus the pastel shade means it’ll be a great buy to last right into S/S when pink is still going to be hot hot hot! I can get you an exact match in her second look – the trousers are In the Style by Lauren Pope and her cheeky fluffy knitwear is Missguided you’ll feel cosy u til someone unwraps you! Hehe.
I still can’t get over how amazing Billie looks after just having a baby, soooo jealous! And now I’m also well jel of her camel coat, I’ve been trying to find a well fitting (not too expensive for a student with a mortgage and no job) camel coat for ages and am still having no luck. Somebody help me!
Fern is always fierce and taking fashion risks, I’m not always into her choices but I admire the fact that she experiments. This look is a fabulous simple colour scheme with a mixture of great textures, awesome.
Waye aye Charlotte pet, you look champion in your 90s homage! Such a simple and cool outfit to put together. I may need to moisturise and do a few more stomach drenches before trying this top though, but I’ve just ordered a longer version that’ll work for me a bit better (and save everybody’s eyes from witnesses the alternative!)

A List Lovelies


Remember when Sienna first hit the scene and she was revered for her boho chic and flowing locks that everyone tried to copy? What a difference a few years makes! Really like her shorted hair, still gorgeous tousled as it was long (and exactly how I always want mine to go but never will, sob) and her outfit is a little more preppy chic than boho babe. Still a little off beat and just as fab as she always was in my opinion.
Now, Beyonce – I don’t even look this good when I’m out in the daytime and I’ve tried, let alone when I roll outta bed! Rocking my fave monochrome and print (lots of print, yippee!) I actually think I’d seriously consider wearing this out. Would anyone else? I’m going on the hunt for something similar right now! Will keep you posted on how I get on

Bit of Cheeky Hairspo

I honestly haven’t been watching X Factor this year, but I’ve definitely been keeping up to date with the fashion! I really like this chic and simple pony on Chezza, and it should be really easy to recreate – spritz a little dry shampoo to give your hair a bit of ‘bite’ backcomb the crown and sides a little before gently brushing over the top to smooth it out, then fasten into a low pony at the back, wrap a piece of hair around the hair band and secure with a hair coloured grip. Good to go! If anyone tries this look over Christmas/New Year, I want to see it so tweet and show me.

And that’s all she wrote for this time! I’m desperately trying to get back to normal style posts, but the weather has been so crazy here that every time I head out its too windy or rainy. But I’ll keep trying my best! I also may do some cheeky festive posts over the next couple of weeks (as I’m sure a lot of my fave bloggers will be doing, can’t wait to see what you’re all up to!) so keep reading and hopefully there’ll be some fun fashiony food stuff (what else? Hehe) to feast you festive eyes on. Until then…

Stay Stylish

J 😘xx

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