FASHION/ Weekly Style Round Up

A whole week of lusting after celeb style, why break the habit of a lifetime? Well, just this week! There’s a real mixture of styles this week to feast your fashion peepers on…

Stylish n Snug


We were clearly all lied to as teenagers – clearly you can be warm AND stylish! Remember those days when we wouldn’t take a coat on nights out for fear of ruining a good dress? That may be more of a northern thing actually. I’m so glad that check is going to carry on being a big thing for this season, I adore it! A good tip would be to invest in a great blanket scarf like Reese’s, then it’ll double up as an extra layer under or over a jacket a la VB’s Burberry effort. This is a colour that hasn’t been rocked by every other celeb Burberry Cape fan which is cool, but I haven’t seen any high street versions as yet.
Vicky’s colour popping mustard number, on the other hand, I have found. If you want to stand out in style then this beaut is from her VIP collection at Honey Boutique here it’s a bit of eclectic collection between dressy/casual pieces but all lovely and worth a look. Her dress is also a big bargain from one of my faves, In the Style

Stepping Out Stylish



I adore Sienna’s dress – It’s a little S/S for January, but is has long ish sleeves so what the hey!
I’m not an avid X Factor watcher these days but I know of Fleur and have seen her in some beaut fashion during and since the show, and the shirt dress is lovely. Great chic/casual mix, and those sandals are a triumph.
As I type, I’m actually wearing a similar outfit to my gurl Khlomoney (purely coincidental) ripped winter white skinnies, stiletto court shoes (mine are black) and a long sleeved winter white jumper. Great minds style alike I guess! Hehe.
I’ve also come to the conclusion that Ellie and Dougie are literally THE coolest couple ever! They look soooo rockalicious in these outfits. I’d totally wear Dougie’s shirt with Ellie’s jeans, I wonder if they do that…

Hawt Daaaaaamn




Some of these women are on my weekly round up so frequently that I’ve run out of gushing things to say about them now – Im talking to you in particular Lucy and J-Lo!
I’ve seen a really similar dress to Cara’s at La Sula which some people may prefer as the capped sleeves provide a bit of arm cover whilst still working that high fashion mesh vibe.
Abbey isn’t letting pregnancy stop her from being stylish or flashing some flesh! I like that she’s done it in a more subtle way with a sheer fabric maxi, and throwing the leather biker over the top just makes it look thrown together and effortlessly cool. I heart you Clancy!

Well that’s it for another week, hope you like the looks I picked. I will see you all here next week for more style capers!

Stay Stylish

J 😘xx

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  1. I love your blog, your posts are beautiful! I just followed you, it would be great if we can support each other 🙂 I am so glad I got to discover you ❤

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