Awards season really is on full swing! I sometimes like the British awards the best because there’s a more diverse range of styles, and a lot more frocky horrors! So this year’s #NTA2015 was no exception. Lots and lots of gorgeous looks though, here are a few of my faves

Rainbow Brights



Rochelle looks sooooo glam! I almost feel like she needs to be at the
Oscars in this gown it’s that gorgeous. But she always looks great so I’d expect nothing less.
I saw Natalie’s dress when she was presenting an award and really you need to see it move to notice how well cut it actually is. It fits her perfectly and she looks striking.
I’ve seen mixed reviews about Sam’s look, some people have put it in their worst dressed lists already….er, no! The colour is gorgeous against her skin, the gold accents work well, yes the cleavage could be a little much but it’s a full length gown so nothing is hanging out. I’m totally into it! The only thing I’d ditch are the massive gold hoops, they’re a little too ghetto for this look and take away a bit of the polish.
Lucy is showing off her body to perfection in this purple number. Her hair is siren gorgeous…what else can be said?!?!

Back to Black




Again I’ve seen that some of these ladies got stick for “playing it safe in black”. I’m seriously thinking that the people saying this aren’t looking at them very well! Popey is wearing a sheer geometric pattern which is both on trend and super daring – one extra bright camera flash and her goodies would’ve been OUT! Yes it has long sleeves and more ‘safe’ neckline but it screams sexy.
Aleesha’s dress is simple but very stylish. The high neck is soooo hot right now, and she’s balanced it out with the sleeveless arm area. The gold gives it subtle glam and her hair looks gorge. Nothing boring about being elegant yet fierce!
I think this is one the best joint looks Claudia and Tess have ever pulled off together quite frankly! I often like something one of them wears on SCD but there’s never a lot of cohesion between the two so it can look disjointed. But they both look fabulous here! This little black skater is pushing Claudia’s boundaries as she’s usually more relaxed and this very fitted and girly, whereas Tess usually goes for a more feminine gown yet is killing it in the monochrome tailored trouser suit. It’s a ten from Jen girlies. Hehe
Amanda’s dress is what I’d call a ‘more traditional awards dress’ when done well – well fitted, highlighting the best bits of the shape and some well placed flashings of flesh. There’s a big cut out section at the back which created interest when she turned around as well so I’m glad she put her hair up to let the dress be the focus. If I looked that hot I’d want to show it off too!

Daring to be a Lil Different



I always appreciate a good fashion risk, keeps the red carpet exciting!
Lucy’s outfit is shocking in that it’s so much more casual than the rest of the red carpet looks. She dances to the best of her own drum that one and I appreciate the fact that she’s happy going against the grain and has picked something that she looks cute in and is owning it.
Kate Garraway is usually on the worst dressed lists but this look is really quirky in a good way for her. Looking at her awkward pose I suspect she disagrees though….strut proudly Kate!
There is NOTHING boring about Chloe’s black dress…I think if you though this outfit was playing it safe you’d have a whoooooooole other set of issues going on! Maybe more of a Brits rests than the NTAs but it looks so damn sexy (I suspect that the process of getting it on/off was anything but) If you feel like getting yo sex oooooooon, it can be bought from the cheeky House of Harlot here
Emma’s two piece is THE ONE for me though. Again, I saw it when she was presenting the the movement of that skirt was just amazing, but it’s a great example of a red carpet appropriate two piece. There’s a lots of two pieces coming out for awards and the prom season that I’ve seen, so I think this may be seen everywhere come summer time. Gorge Mrs Willis, I heart your style!

Model Momager


Oh yes, I still managed to get a Kardashian (well, Jenner) into this post! I get the impression that Kris loved having the chance to wear something glam and furry in the cold British weather, but that she also enjoyed the spotlight on her for a change…good job she looks good then! Very Kardash, a little sexy but total glam. Oh yeah, oh yeah.

And that’s my #NTA2015 round up! What were your fave picks? Get in touch and let me know.

Stay Stylish

J 😘xx

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