FASHION/ Hopping in the camel train

I’ve been searching for months and gone on about it numerous times, but I’ve finally found it….a camel coat with a great shape! In my eyes, a good camel overcoat is one of THE most eternally classy pieces in a fashionistas wardrobe and will never date. I think my only mistake was wearing this beauty on a day that was a bit too chilly to be out without a jumper, because it doesn’t fasten up. I still see this as a good thing as it makes it very much part of the overall outfit rather than just something to throw over it when you’re outside



You may have also noticed that my hair appears to have grown a LOT here – meet my newest haviour (hair saviour, if you recall). This is another .hair Rehab London purchase and I honestly already adore it as much as my messy bun. I really wish they’d bring out fringes now!
The rest of the look I wanted to keep simple for a day of shopping and lunching, and what better than jeans and a cool slogan tee (my very own personalised slogan no less). I probably wouldn’t wear these shoes on an average shopping trip in January, but they’re newbies that I was desperate to break in. However this lead to slight mistake number 2- shooting the look in an area of Hull that’s very pretty but also has cobbled streets…oopsie! Thank heavens for Mr Alice and his gentlemanly attempts to keep me upright.

Coat – Missguided (comes in other colours)
Tee – Rock on Ruby
Jeans – Top Shop
Shoes – New Look
Hair – Hair Rehab London (syn wrap pony, chocolate)
Bag – Christmas present from my lovely friend Sarah

Do you agree with my thoughts on camel coats? And I’d really like to know what your personalised slogan tee would say, so get in touch and tell me!

Stay Stylish

J 😘xx

9 thoughts on “FASHION/ Hopping in the camel train

  1. Jenny I love your camel coat, it looks amazing! I think it pairs great with denim and those shoes are fab, where are they from? I might put some similar ones on my spring wish list. Definitely don’t have the guts to wear them out in the cold though xxx

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