FASHION/ SAG Awards Style PICKS (SAG 2015)

I’m going red carpet cray lately with all these celeb style looks to fawn over, every one brings us a lil bit closer to the Big One….(The Oscars, obviously). The SAG awards had soooo many interesting looks, all hail Hollywood for not being boring! My main critique goes to the photographers – some their angles aren’t showing off the outfits to their best advantage…

White Hot


White really does stand out when done right! I like Reese doing something very simple and pared back from head to toe. Elegant and gorgeous.
The Downton girly next to her (I don’t know many names from this carpet, so this will be a common theme) has been a bit more risky with her look – tuxedo mini meets chiffon maxi – but it looks fab. I think she should’ve followed Reese’s lead with her hair and put it back to focus purely on the dress, those beachy waves are kind of distracting.
These two are soooo pretty! The Game of Thrones lovely looks cute yet fashion forward, it reminds me a little of a toned down version of the Lucy Liu epic floral number circa last year. Again she also needs to have a word with her hair though, a nice simple low bun would’ve look great.
The last gown is unashamedly girly, but I like that as its a little more pure than the rest.

Making a Colour Splash


POW! These gals are getting themselves NOTICED. I’m crushing hard on the pink high necked number, ridiculously simple and on trend (with a massive cut out in the back as well, eek) I’ve actually seen some great high street alternatives to this look at Honor Gold, they’re totally amazing for glam looks. These aren’t quite as high necked but every bit as stunning and
I’m really torn about this blue number. On one hand, the colour is amazing and the gathering detail is really unique. On the other, kind of looks like she’s tucked into her knickers. Thoughts?
This tangerine number is simple yet still interesting, but if worn by any other body type would probably just look a bit awkward or frumpy around the boobs. But the colour on her is beautiful and it fits her amazingly as a red carpet gown should so kudos!

Game Changer



Wow Kate Hudson. Ooooooohhhhhhhh WOW. In some of the pap pics even her mother and Donatella Versace were drooling over her in this frock! It’s very covered yet fitted so appears demure, but those racy cut outs make it veeeeerrrrrrry clear that she’s not wearing any underwear whatsoever…but really, who cares when the result is this hot?!?!

The Dark Side


I’ve said it already this week – black is so not boring. It takes a more confidence if anything to wear it on the red carpet as you have to work to make it stand out. And well done Joanne for working it for the Brits and looking simply stunning in her glam BD. True Hollywood. If only the Americans had seen her when she started out on Corrie, they’d be shocked!
Julia is a bit hit and miss in the carpet but not this year. Although, unusually for her, by wearing a black suit rather than a gown she’s following this year’s red carpet trend of trousers rather than dancing to the beat of her own drum which is unlike her. Sexy and classy can’t be sniffed at though!
I always appreciate Emma’s fashion forward ness, and this is kind of another variation of the White tuxedo mini meets chiffon maxi but done more simply. I like it as a compromise between wanting to wear a shorter dress but keeping with convention on her own terms. It’d have been so fab if she detached the chiffon and changed her hair for the after parties.

Bit of Interest



Sometimes I think Jen is a little too safe and samey when she’s working a red carpet. So I like that she still is working a bit of the ‘same old’ but that she’s pushing herself a little with the print and the bejewelled cleavage strip. Higher fashion done in a very understated way, works really well for her.
I wasn’t keen on Lupita’s last awards dress with the flowers, but this one peaked my curiosity a little more. The print looks really familiar, I’ve seen it on the high street in a few places so it already makes it quite accessible to people wanting a piece of the look. The longer sleeves and the cut out neckline make the dress itself a little more subtle so that the print is carrie doff better. Yes, I think this means fashion fierce Lupita is comin’ back!
Claire Danes always looks really good. She’s one of THOSE girls, but I’ll always have a soft spot for her anyway! This is some really prominent yet subtle detailing which helps highlight how BANGIN’ her body is. And is fairly high fashion too. Go Claire!

What a selection eh! Who were your faves, and your misses?

Stay Stylish

J 😘xx

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