Fashion. Food. Fun / Rockin’ on with Ruby

I had a cheeky lil trip to Manchester this week which allowed me to indulge in three of my main passions – I got to eat (a LOT) shop with my girl Alex (aka Champagne and Lemonade) and have some fun at the Rock on Ruby blogger event. And I had an awesome time!

Outfit wise, I wanted to do something casual and easy breezy. I didn’t get a proper shot of me in it so I took a pic when I got home. I had a couple of issues with it sadly – my jeans waistband was digging in halfway through the day because I was a naughty girl and ate far too much cake over brunch, and my plimsolls (which I put on to be fashionably sensible as I knew I’d be walking lots) ended up rubbing on my feet and giving me awful blisters! Note to self, trainer socks next time


Head to toe Top Shop

Top –
Jeans –
Shoes –

The event itself was at The Font in Manchester, an awesome bar with a wide selection of very cheap and yummy cocktails…which everyone had to sample, just to check they were nice…hehe. The ROR ladies decorated our area to be kitsch and quirky, right up my street. Checked table cloths, retro sweeties/cakes and lots of slogan tees…blogger heaven for Curious Alice!



There was also a clothes swap as part of the event which was a great idea (and one I’m definitely stealing for the next #HullBloggers event in the summer) it was really nice to see my clothes get new homes and I’m looking forward to see how you lovely blogging babes are gonna style them up! I managed to pick up a cute clutch bag that I’ve had me eye on for a while, not only a slogan but DOUBLE slogan! Thanks Michelle for bringing it



And of course, I couldn’t leave without picking up some official ROR goodies. I pre ordered a couple of bits to collect on the day, here’s a sneaky peak but I’m not showing my slogans until I style them into upcoming blog posts!



Typically, I was too busy chatting to everybody and forgot to take some proper pics of people! I managed to take a couple of giddy silly piccies with Alex at the end of the afternoon




I had a great time with everyone, already looking forward to the next one!

Stay Stylish

J 😘xx

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