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I don’t normally do this sort of post so I don’t know how it’s going to go, please bear with me! As an English Student / Fashion Blogger there are things I can’t get through my day without easily, which I’ve refreshed for 2015 – not only a great year, but MY YEAR!





I do EVERYTHING on this (including typing this post right now!) from blogging, uni research and social media catch ups. It travels with me most places and as a result my last bubblegum pink cover got wrecked, so I’ve replaced it with this beautiful Tiffany blue number (I’ve held against a Tiffany bag and its a perfect match!) It was only a cheap number from Amazon and I haven’t tested it out and about as yet, but it already stands upright better than my “official” cover did and looks more wipe cleanable (that’s a word, trust me I’m an English undergrad)

I like to have a quick paper record to refer to, and personally I find it a easier to plan my uni deadlines in it. I’m so thrilled to have this lil number as my 2015 planner, courtesy of
It’s very thorough and has cute pics for universal events like Mothers Day, as well as it being a cheeky extra plug for Curious Alice Loves… whilst I’m out and about! I was introduced to the brand at the #HullBloggers event and well as my own I bought planners for my mum and Mr Alice as Christmas presents.

Anybody who follows me on Instagram may know that I enjoy a good mug as much as a slogan tee! This one is from and can also be picked up from Eden in Hull. I can assure you that the slogan is very true, this mug ain’t telling no lies!

Something to go in the mug
I drink pretty much every hot drink – tea, coffee, hot choc and Peanut Hottie…yum! During the day I can usually be found drinking plain old warm water at home (which I suggest you try, excellent benefits to the metabolism) but I usually start the day with a green tea. I’ve just discovered these new Tetley’s ones which I’m really enjoying, not only do they smell lovely but they actually have some taste which a lot of others don’t….and that’s pretty nice too! I picked mine up in ASDA on offer for £1 per pack.

What do you all use everyday that helps you function? I’m always keen to pick up new tips.

I’m hoping more of my own style posts will be on the way soon, but I need this horrible weather to do one so I can shoot outside without fear of freezing or ruining my clothes first! Thanks for being patient.

I recently included a competition on a post running with to win £2500 that was due to end earlier this week…the competition dates have changed and this is now running from 10-18 February, so even more chance to enter and win! This is a reminder of the link

Stay Stylish

J 😘xx

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