FASHION/ That’s a wrap

Another post, another blanket Cape to add to my growing collection. This one is a bit lighter than the rest and is more of a layer than an outdoor cover up on a chilly winter day, but when did that ever stop a woman in the name of fashion!






(Just as an aside – I almost got into trouble shooting this look, I leant on the door a little bit by accident and the owner came out to see what we were doing…whoops!)

This sort of blanket needs to be the focus so everything underneath is really simple. Not that you can see it as I’ve literally swamped myself in it rather than belting round the middle like I’ve done before, I just fancied a change and to be a bit more casual with it. This is what I’m wearing underneath


Eden jeggings are BACK! Actually they never went away, I still wear them as much as my ripped skinnies, I just haven’t blogged a pair in a while. Although the pieces underneath are simple they’re still cool enough to work on their own as well. As the blanket has navy in it, it would’ve been rude not to trot out my new fave PLT boots (as seen in my last post) I think the grey and navy work really nicely together.

Blanket Cape – Top Shop (sold out online, still available in store)
Top – Top Shop
Jeggings – Dorothy Perkins
Boots – Pretty Little Thing

Stay Stylish

J 😘xx

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