FASHION/ Weekly Style Round Up

There have been some beautiful celeb style looks this week everywhere around the world, but most have come from The Big Apple where NYFW is in full swing!

Nude, Pink and White Tones





I never thought I’d need to know the phrase “snakeskin Errrthang” but thanks to Kim, now I do! Kendall’s Celine dress is lush but I wish she’d have put a lighter coloured boot with it to keep her look tonal. Danni Armstrong looks the most beautiful I’ve ever seen her (though she looks great most of the time anyways) you can steal the same holiday style by checking out @toriasboutique on Instagram. And I’m just gonna say it – now she’s Kesha (not Ke$ha) she looks da bomb dot com! And my fellow Northern girl Dani Lloyd looks elegant and girly as always. Nicely done ladies

Black n White



My fave colour palette of all time! I may with others every season, but this is where I’m loyal. Sienna, Blake and SJP are SERIOUSLY smokin hot mamas, Blake literally had her baby weeks ago and looks like that?!?! I need to have what she’s having please! Dakota Johnson looks exactly like ‘Ms Steele’ when she becomes Mrs Grey – a little sultry and suggestive but still with a hint of innocence. Even though critics have panned it and I know it won’t be the book (because that would be porno) I’m looking forward to see what they e done with it.

Darker Tones



I like Katie Holmes’ look but can’t help thinking it’s not really her, no? But kudos to her for trying something new, that’s what fashion is allllllll about. And again Kesha, you’re killing me here! Great mix of girly lace and tough biker (who doesn’t like a great biker jacket to give an outfit a good edge) the dress was pretty spectacular standing but there aren’t good enough pics which is a shame. Ferne is a girl after my own heart – fiercely chilled style, and with the fact that she adores fashion and food as much as me. I just wish I’d have thought of her blog name (Fashionable Foodie) first, it’s great!

Hope you enjoyed the round up, I have a busy week writing about Bonnie&Clyde, rapture fiction and hitting LFW ahead!

Stay Stylish

J 😘xx

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