FASHION/ Oscars Style PICKS (2015)

A magical night filled with tears, laughter and dresses galore! A few of my faves have received mixed reviews but that just shows how subjective style can be…


In my opinion, Lupita will probably never look better than her first Oscars red caped dress. But this is a beautifully fought contender! The middle number is a great mixture of classy with a hint of fashion in the print and sexy in the neckline. A lot of people compared this to Gwyneth’s Oscar winning pink dress but this is more grown up, classy but with a hint of fashion in the pastel shade and massive corsage. Gorgeous.


Chrissy is doing J- Lo better than J- Lo! (Wasn’t a huge fan of her look) She looks gorgeous and age appropriate, anything else would’ve looked too awkward in her. Always rely on Naomi to bring the higher fashion to the partaaaay! Well fitting and letting the dress do the talking whilst everything else is pared back. Win!


The best Kelly O has looked this awards season – great mix of youth and fashion whilst still feeling Oscar appropriate. The one I’d be most likely to wear I think. Cate’s statement turquoise is just inspired, she’s always so fierce with her choices and owns it which makes her stylish in that alone! Sienna has literally pulled this lace beauty from the NYFW runway and is a perfect choice as its classically beautiful whilst the bottom detail keeps it fresh


Well done Rita – conforming to convention and blowing a lot of Oscar attendee veterans out of the water in the process with the haute DAMN results is quite a feat! And I think it’s a case of ‘Jessica by name….’ With this look. WOWZERS. Old Hollywood, sexy, navy….I can’t!


I’d like to think Dakota’s shoulder detailing is a cheeky reference to her breakout film role, hehe. Thoughts? My gurl G looks stunning in this red lace, really reminds me of the classic Honor Gold numbers (which are as gorge but a fraction of the price I’m guessing). For me Rosamund looks her best of the awards season, the dress fits her well and isn’t showing anything awkward.


If I saw this colour on its own, honestly Id think it was disgusting. I mean, what is it?? Given context against Emma’s hair and skin, however, and it’s a great match.

Who were your Oscar best dressed?

Stay Stylish

J 😘xx

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