FASHION/ BRITs Style Picks (2015)

since I was a teenager, this has been one of my fave awards shows to watch. Sadly, now I’m getting older I don’t know every single person who’s nominated or performing like I used to…but I’ll always know when I see an outfit I like! 

Red, black and pink seemed to be a hot fave of the evening. Cara’s style is perfect for a cool event like this (although I adored her Elle Style awards look where she went Uber glam) it definitely looks like she’s been taking tips straight from a certain Mr Harry Styles’ wardrobe…if I had legs like Caroline’s I’d be wearing a hot pink leather mini dress too. Gorgeous colour on her, a little bit edgy yet simple. Perfect! I adore Paloma’s style choices more and more these days – she still has that quirky edge but it’s far more wearable and fashion. This dress is gorgeous! I just wish she’d had kept it on instead of changing into the other one at the event.

Forever one of my fave Brit fashion gurls. Clashing colours and cool. I heart you Lilah.

There has to be two pics of Taylor so you can see how fab it is from both angles – the red detail at the front ledge toy shapes her waist and looks beautifully elegant; the back creates a more edgy dramatic story that’s perfect for a cool music ceremony. It’s a good job she won so we got to see the back really!

I was almost tempted to say, as nice as Ashley’s dress is, the skirt makes it look a little young for her. Then I remembered thT she’s not much older than me and changed my mind, I think I’d wear it too! I really like the shoes but I think I would’ve been tempted to go for something with laces rather than mesh. I need to get me some either way. This is Mel C burning her head into Emma’ shoulder- just because she’s gone for masculine tailoring doesn’t mean you have to go all coy and girly Mel! I like this look because it’s Ems pushing her boundary and daring to be different. Wonder if she should’ve done something different with her hair too? Kim K all the waaaaaaaay! Perfect BRITs look, mood black with sexy cut outs (and the exact toe of shoe Id wear with Ashley’s dress) great show of being a good rapper’s wife fo’ sho’ (that’s me trying to be street. Word.)

Rosie looks hot. She always looks hot! I kind of wish she’d have lost the jacket so we could see how hot the dress really is and bring out the edgyness of the gold chain texture a bit more. 

Karlie’s dress isn’t really screaming music awards to me, but I like the black detail with the cut outs at the top that create a bit of interest. She’s highlighted every bit of her model frame and looks damn good for it! Zoe’s another girly I insta stalk for her style creds – the metallic accents of her look make it look really cool against the simple white shape of her dress. Great choice! 

Who were your style fave of the night?

Stay Stylish

J 😘xx

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